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Doctorate Management

A Ph.D. degree is useful in any field. It is highly esteemed e.g. in financial-assurance sector, in public administration, in politics, or in consulting. A doctoral degree proves highest intellectual abilities of its holder. It is a kind of intellectual nobility and is a sign of belonging to certain elite. It is also a scholarly degree widely recognized on the international market.

PhD Information Systems

As part of the Mannheim Business School, the CDSB is one of the most eminent business schools in Europe and the first graduate school in Germany which demonstrates outstanding strength in empirical and analytical research, using innovative empirical and quantitative techniques in its research designs. The highly competitive CDSB doctoral program in Information Systems at Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences, University of Mannheim is one of the top-ranked business departments in Germany, with a list of graduates who have played a central role in the evolution of modern IS research.

Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences
PhD Management

The Doctoral Programme at ESADE provides a rigorous training that prepares you for an International career in business academia and research.


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Business and management includes all the disciplines that deal with the organisation and coordination of enterprises that deal with products and services traded for profit. Business and management activities aim at accomplishing specific organisational goals, increasing the capital of the company and its overall efficiency.

Business and management involves many economic activities such as accounting, agribusiness and auditing. It also comprises all the managerial areas that fall under the business administration field such as commerce, marketing, logistics and supply chain management, public administration, or human resource management.

Business colleges and schools typically offer highly specialised study programmes in business and management. Examples include internationally recognised degrees such as Master in Business Administration (MBA) or Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), which usually require some work experience. Other courses include Masters in Management (MiM) and a wide range of specialisations in retail management, business intelligence and analytics, corporate communication, taxation or technology management.

Programmes focus on theoretical knowledge, but also on real-case examples, seminar debates and the development of practical skills. Graduates acquire an in-depth understanding of business challenges and issues, learn to use effective leadership methods and to apply economic principles in various work settings.

Graduates in one of the business and management disciplines may pursue careers as entrepreneurs, forensic accountants, project managers, bankers, international business specialists, and more.

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