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Islamic degrees unveil a multidisciplinary view of all aspects of Islam and the Islamic world. This discipline offers an academic approach that integrates comparative and theoretical methods that have developed in the modern academic study of Islam. Islamic studies integrate historical information coupled with cultural and religious studies, as well as philosophical thought.

Courses in Islamic studies include information on the Arab-Islamic civilization, such as the its main defining features, society and the culture of the Ottoman Empire. Students may also gain knowledge about the linguistic divergence and cultural convergence in the Islamic world throughout history. Additional classes include topics such as crisis revolution in the Middle East, the Qu'ran and its interpretations, or the religion of Islam.

Students will acquire advanced knowledge, which includes a highly developed comprehension of the theological, jurisprudential, historical, contemporary and spiritual aspects of Islam. Programmes in Islamic studies also prepare students for understanding the multiple ways in which Islam has shaped human experience both past and present.

Islamic studies graduates usually engage in jobs like: translators and interpreters; Middle East specialised journalists; newspaper, radio or television channel editors; and scientific researchers.

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Suggested PhD Programmes

The University of Manchester

Arab World Studies, PhD
  • Sep 2017
  • EUR
  • 36 months

Middle Eastern Studies at Manchester offers exceptionally wide-ranging opportunities for research and advanced training in the history, languages, religious traditions and politics of the Middle East. Training and research supervision in all major cultures and periods of the region are delivered by experts whose publications contribute to their subject on an international level.

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