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PhD English Linguistics

Graduates of the department are employed as English teachers in secondary schools and other secondary schools, universities, like translators, editors etc. Masaryk University offers a PhD in English Linguistics.

Faculty of Arts

One of the aims of the TESOL programme offered by University of Nicosia to enhance students’ ability to create, conceptualise, design and implement a substantial research project that generates new knowledge and contributes to theory and practice within the field of TESOL.

School of Humanities, Social Sciences & Law
PhD German Studies

The main goal of the doctoral study program in GERMAN STUDIES is to educate and train top scholars in the field of German linguistics or German literary studies. Alongside in-depth, subject-specific knowledge and training in research methodologies, students will acquire broad general knowledge in the humanities, on the basis of which they will be able to independently develop, create and publish new knowledge in the field of German studies.

Faculty of Arts


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Language studies look into multiple issues related to the use of language, such as how language can be learnt, how language is composed (letters, syllables, words, sentences), and how grammatical and structural aspects work together to create meaning and logic.

Subjects included by courses in language studies include topics such as evolutionary linguistics, historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, neuro-linguistics, language acquisition and discourse analysis. Literature studies also feature an important research component in further understanding and developing human knowledge of linguistics. Supportive disciplines in the field include anthropology, human anatomy, informatics, philosophy, sociology, psychology as well as education.

Students learn about concepts such as phonology, syntax, semantics, or phonetic analysis. They get a chance to become aware of the linguistic subtleties of poetry, may focus on pronunciation and sentence fluency, and learn the historical and development of language studies.

Students will acquire excellent oral and written communication skills. They will also become proficient in data analysis, as well as gathering and interpreting information. Language studies specialists will develop rhetorical abilities and will be able to make detailed research on any topic regarding the area of language.

Graduates usually pursue careers like: interpreter, journalist, translator, language researcher or teacher.

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