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Philosophy and ethics aims to look into the human problems related to existence, knowledge and moral values that govern a person's behaviour. These problems are considered based on rational argumentation using systematic approaches. Philosophy strives to acquire knowledge by rational means about the issues that are difficult for empirical investigations. This study field has three main sub-fields: natural philosophy, moral philosophy and metaphysical philosophy.

Philosophy degrees cover many other branches including epistemology, logic, metaphysics, aesthetics, and philosophy of language, philosophy of law, philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion, and philosophy of science.

Ethics is the part of philosophy that analyses fundamental values and systems of moral principles that define good human conduct. The discipline is usually divided into: applied ethics (how people should behave), normative ethics (what moral principles should be used) and meta-ethics (studying the nature of moral facts). Ethics touches real-word contexts and is involved in the right conduct of many professional activities such as medical ethics, environmental ethics and business ethics.

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PhD Philosophy

Doctoral enrollment may continue up to a maximum of six years. Students admitted into CEU doctoral programs are eligible to receive a full CEU Doctoral Fellowship for up to three years. Numerous additional funding opportunities exist, such as the Doctoral Research Support Grant Program, the Erasmus Mobility Scheme, and various research and travel funds. The Philosophy degree is offered by Central European University (CEU).

PhD Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program at Paris - ISM - International School of Management is designed for two types of candidates: experienced business executives who would like “to give something back” and assist in the development of future business leaders by becoming effective educators; and innovative teachers and/or researchers determined to make an impact by contributing to the body of knowledge in their chosen disciplines.

PhD Philosophy in Engineering

The Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering is conferred in recognition of marked scholarship in a broad field of knowledge as well as distinguished critical creative achievement within a special area of the general field. The Ph.D. is offered in all five engineering disciplines as well as computer science.

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PhD Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing

Generate and disseminate knowledge to advance nursing science and facilitate its translation into practice; desgin and evaluate innovations to improve health outcomes; engage in and lead collaborative research teams; and influence health science agenda-setting and policy initiatives. Course work in nursing and other sciences are emphasized during the early portion of an individualized program of study.

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