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Ph. D. Health Education and Promotion - Research

Discover how to design, implement, and evaluate programs to help others make healthy decisions in Walden University’s PhD in Health Education and Promotion program. Use your passion for leading a healthy, active lifestyle to your advantage and explore health behavior theories and techniques to help individuals and groups improve their health or conduct research that will impact the larger population.


The ELGS PhD is a degree program lasting a minimum of 3 years which enables students to conduct independent research in the fields of Legal Research, Governance Studies, or on an interdisciplinary topic. It is supported by the expansive ELGS International Faculty network of over 100 legal and governance scholars and practitioners worldwide, the ELGS’ Partner Universities across Europe and the world, and the EPLO.

PhD Doctorado en Investigación en Humanidades, Artes y Educación

Objetivos del programa - La consolidación de los equipos y líneas de investigación ya existentes y, por otro, abrir y potenciar nuevas perspectivas que refuercen el carácter multidisciplinar de las investigaciones. Este Programa está constituido por un total de 160 profesores que suman entre todos 76 proyectos de investigación activos, en su mayoría de convocatoria competitiva estatal del plan I+D+i.

Artes y Humanidades


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Educational research sets as objectives to explore notions, theories and trends within the field, to define and transfer types, characteristics and shared terminology, to describe and utilise methods and techniques of quantitative and qualitative research in a critical manner towards the concrete educational phenomenon. Making use of other disciplines like psychology, anthropology, sociology and philosophy, educational research sets out to conduct its activity in a rigorous and systematic way and has to propose solutions for the various issues observed during the research process.

Students who pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in educational research have to immerse in research projects and research teams and throughout the studies gains reflexive, critical and analytical competencies and the ability to innovate the existing educational practices. They will be equipped with problem solving skills and they will be able to define and formulate research problems and questions and formulate hypotheses that can be tested.

The most common career prospects for graduates of educational research are: educational researcher in a university/non-profit organisation/government agency, data analyst, measurement adviser, research coordinator, director of student assessment, education counsellor/adviser.

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