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Study PhD's in Göttingen, Lower Saxony, Germany

Göttingen at a glance

Göttingen is a university city in Lower Saxony, Germany, having the lovely River Leine running through the town. The origins of Göttingen go back to the Middle Ages and started to develop from a small village named Gutingi. Today, Göttingen combines the old architecture of buildings stepped in history with the large young population. Overall, Göttingen gathers over 20,000 students, among them around 3,000 are international students. Follow a degree abroad in Göttingen, choose from a generous offer of English-taught accredited degrees and gain valuable knowledge in whatever field of study you are interested in. Local universities focus on combining theoretical knowledge with extensive and innovative research work, enabling students to have a complete study experience.


Studying in Göttingen

In Göttingen, you can enroll at one of the leading universities in Germany that has been ranked in The Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Alumni of this university include well-known figures like the Brothers Grimm, Otto von Bismarck and Gerhard Schröder and other scientists that studies here received Noble prize for important discoveries in chemistry and medicine.

Additionally, Göttingen is home to a private university of applied sciences, and other institutes dedicated to chemistry, medicine and religious studies.

Universities in Göttingen have many international partnerships with around 500 universities from 70 different countries. You can choose a Bachelor’s, Master’s or a PhD degree in fields like agriculture, art, natural sciences, business administration, languages, dentistry, economics, computer science, law, medicine and more. Local universities include both English and German-taught programmes and you can enrich your knowledge with research work at the local Max Planck Institute for research.


Career opportunities in Göttingen

Economically, Göttingen is a well-developed city, including the following major sectors: engineering technology, manufacturing of steel and aluminum components, aeronautical technology and manufacturing, research, pharmaceuticals, health care services.

Some of the biggest employers of Göttingen include Carl Zeiss, Sartorius AG, NextPharma, Rossman, Kaufland, Xerox, Bosch, Sycor Group, Max Planck Institute.

Foreign students can apply to many of the internship opportunities provided by the local companies.


Göttingen city life

Göttingen is a young university city and despite its small size, it captures a vibrant and lively atmosphere. Göttingen managed to be unscathed from the World War II bombings and you can still admire many old buildings. Göttingen also covers many streets filled with cafes, bars and nice shops.

Attractions that are worth visiting in Göttingen:

  • Göttingen City Museum
  • The Bismarck Tower
  • The Old City Hall (Altes Rathaus) – see art shows of local, regional, and international artists
  • Jacobikirche (St. James's Church)

The iconic landmark of Göttingen is Gänseliesel (a statue of a goose girl in Marktplatz) – nicknamed the "most kissed girl in the world" due to an old tradition in which every local student that completed a Ph.D. had to give her a kiss.

Göttingen is quite a green city, having three major botanical gardens and other parks where you can relax and wander around.

Check out Weender Street, the main pedestrian shopping street, and nice places to eat and drink are Einstein, Café Cortes, Zum Schwarzen Bären, or Junkernschänke – believed to be the oldest wine tavern in Germany.

Attend some of the local events like annual Music Festivals: the Handel Festival, International Organ Festival, as well as Jazz Festival and Arts Fairs.

From Göttingen, you can easily travel to Hanover in just half an hour by train and you can see other German cities like Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt in more or less than two hours.

International atmosphere in Göttingen

Although a relatively small city, Göttingen has a cosmopolitan atmosphere and you can meet several foreigners living here, particularly people coming from the U.S., India, France, China, Canada or the UK. Göttingen is truly a young city, gathering a large student population and demographically speaking, around 40 % of the population is aged between 18 and 35.

Weather Göttingen

Generally, weather in Göttingen is warm and temperate, but with significant rainfall throughout all four seasons. The average temperature during winter is around 3-4 °C (37 °F), and in the summer months, temperature ranges between 20 and 22 °C (70-71 °F).


Accommodation costs in Göttingen

The main housing options in Göttingen are:

1. Student dormitories – rates are between 170 and 270 EUR/month.

2. On campus guest house – rates for a one-bedroom apartment is 380 EUR/month.

3. Share a flat – rent would cost between 250 and 400 EUR/month for one person.

Living costs in Göttingen

Compared to other German cities, Göttingen is quite an affordable city to live in. Students would usually require a monthly budget of around 600 – 700 EUR to cover their expenditures, excluding the housing. Food bills from the local supermarkets would lead to around 200 EUR/month, learning materials another 30 EUR/month. Public transportation is free of charge for students attending the public universities, but the average price for a bus ticket is 2.1 EUR. Cycling is very common in Göttingen so you can always rent a bike.

Universities in Göttingen

Founded in 1737, the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen is a research university of high internationalstanding. It is well-known, not only for its remarkably diverse range of subjects, but also for its research-led teaching and outstanding scientific environment in which more than 45 Nobel laureates have lived,studied, researched and taught. 

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The Max Planck School Matter to Life has formed an innovative network of German organizations for excellent graduate education. By joining leading research institutions and universities, students will receive a top-notch education and training from world-renowned scientists.  

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