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Theatre is an old form of art, dating back to antiquity. Based on the area of fiction known as drama, theatre is a complex art that combines different elements that aim to transmit a certain feeling, idea or inner state to the audience. This can be achieved through the text of the theatrical play, music, dance, mimic and various specific techniques.

Dance is an art form intended to orient and produce synchronised body movements and continuous exchange of artistic positions of the human body on a certain rhythm. Dance is strongly linked with music, emotional images and content embodiment through choreographic composition, figures and movements. Dance is used as a method of individual expression as well as a way of social communication.

Theatre and dance courses cover topics like: poetics of performance, history of dance, Greek drama, musical theatre performance, gender in dance and theatre, scene design, aspects of choreography.

Studying theatre and dance requires approaching the two art forms from an interdisciplinary, intercultural and international perspective. Students will develop analytical, technical and imaginative abilities leading to a good stage performance. Future theatre and dance professionals are creative thinkers and they have abilities in efficient oral communication, as well as abilities in gesticulation and pantomime.

Graduates may find job opportunities in areas such as: theatre direction, choreography/movement coaching, arts management, dance studios, and more.

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University of Surrey provides postgraduate researchers in Dance with a supportive and collegiate research...

University of Surrey United Kingdom

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