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Religious studies and theology focus on the supernatural, sacred or divine and the moral code, ritual practices, dogmas, values or associated institutions. Religion has several functions that are expressed through the human behaviour: cognitive or action function, anxiety reduction, social function, compensation and identity. This interdisciplinary field studies the impact of religion in the international environment and the presence of traditions in the modern world. Research focuses on different approaches on religions and its place in history.

Religious studies and theology are concerned with the study of the spiritual beliefs and their particular characteristics and their expression in nowadays society. A Bachelor’s degree in religious studies and theology can specialize in culture, conflict, librarianship, economics, geography, history and others.

The study of one or several religions equips the graduate of a Master’s degree in religious studies and theology with skills and knowledge that may lead to a career as a priest/minister, teacher/lecturer, advice worker, community development worker and others.

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Suggested PhDs in Religious Studies & Theology

Doctorate Theology and Practice

It is designed both for people in various kinds of Christian ministry or leadership and for those in other professions who wish to undertake doctoral work connecting theology and religion with their own professional fields.

United Kingdom
Ph.D. Practical Theology Doctorate (DPT)

The Doctor of Practical Theology is a practice-based doctoral level degree. It provides a unique opportunity for practitioners in a wide variety of settings to work with peers from similar and different professional and voluntary contexts to gain a practice-based and relevant research degree by staged part-time work.

United Kingdom
Doctorate Theology

The Faculty of Theology at the university offers doctoral degree programs leading to the title of "Doctor of Theology" and covering the following specific elements: • Old Catholic Theology • Protestant Theology • Jewish Studies • Religious Studies

DMin Doctor of Ministry

The Doctor of Ministry program offered by the Lipscomb University will explore the theological foundations of specific practices in the life of faith communities and leaders, addressing the challenges of contemporary ministry. 

United States

Top Ranked Universities in Religious Studies & Theology on PhDPortal

Universities Location QS Rankings (2018) Theology, Divinity & Religious Studies
Cambridge, United States 1
Oxford, United Kingdom 2
Durham, United Kingdom 3
Cambridge, United Kingdom 4
Newton, United States 5
New Haven, United States 6
Amsterdam, Netherlands 7
Durham, United States 8
Leuven, Belgium 9
Princeton, United States 9
Toronto, Canada 11
Chicago, United States 12
Heidelberg, Germany 13
Tübingen, Germany 13
Berkeley, United States 15
South Bend, United States 16
Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium 17
St Andrews, United Kingdom 18
Edinburgh, United Kingdom 19
Stanford, United States 20
Los Angeles, United States 20
London, United Kingdom 22
Jerusalem, Israel 23
Exeter, United Kingdom 24
Atlanta, United States 25
Melbourne, Australia 26
Washington, D. C., United States 27
Aberdeen, United Kingdom 28
Montréal, Canada 29
Santiago, Chile 30
Manchester, United Kingdom 31
London, United Kingdom 32
Leiden, Netherlands 32
Lancaster, United Kingdom 34
Birmingham, United Kingdom 35
Melbourne, Australia 36
Mitte, Germany 37
Copenhagen, Denmark 38
Oslo, Norway 39
Utrecht, Netherlands 40
München, Germany 41
Ann Arbor, United States 42
Nijmegen, Netherlands 43
Amsterdam, Netherlands 44
Charlottesville, United States 45
New York City, United States 46
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 46
Burwood, Australia 48
Sydney, Australia 49
Evanston, United States 50
Aarhus, Denmark 51
Tempe Junction, United States 51
Waco, United States 51
Boston, United States 51
Ithaca, United States 51
Manhattan, United States 51
Berlin Steglitz, Germany 51
Göttingen, Germany 51
Evanston, United States 51
Lund, Sweden 51
Hamilton, Canada 51
Melbourne, Australia 51
New York City, United States 51
Marburg, Germany 51
Beijing, China 51
Houston, United States 51
Roma, Italy 51
Stellenbosch, South Africa 51
Madrid, Spain 51
Münster, Germany 51
Kampung Baru Subang, Malaysia 51
George Town, Malaysia 51
London, United Kingdom 51
Edmonton, Canada 51
Auckland, New Zealand 51
Bern, Switzerland 51
Bristol, United Kingdom 51
Vancouver, Canada 51
Santa Barbara, United States 51
Cape Town, South Africa 51
Glasgow, United Kingdom 51
Groningen, Netherlands 51
Helsinki, Finland 51
Canterbury, United Kingdom 51
Leeds, United Kingdom 51
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 51
Chapel Hill, United States 51
Nottingham, United Kingdom 51
Philadelphia, United States 51
Pretoria, South Africa 51
Brisbane, Australia 51
Sheffield, United Kingdom 51
Strasbourg, France 51
Vienna, Austria 51
Coventry, United Kingdom 51
Madison, United States 51
Zürich (Kreis 1), Switzerland 51
Uppsala, Sweden 51
Nashville, United States 51
Seoul, South Korea 51