The ELGS - European Law and Governance School is an International School which focuses on European Law and global Governance (combined disciplines such as: political sciences, public administration and Int’l relations). It is located in Athens, the student-friendly capital of Greece, sunny all-year- round and surrounded by the Aegean sea. The strength of the School lies in its strong International Faculty constituted of eminent professors –some of the best in their field- that come from the most prestigious universities of the world. 

Top 3 reasons to study here

  • Access to an international network of 100+ of the world's best professors
  • Study in the cradle of democracy and in a place of rich cultural heritage
  • Follow flexible, interdisciplinary programs that build a career relevant to the future needs of Europe



The idea was conceived by Prof. G.Amato, former PM of Italy, member of the Board of the ELGS - European Law and Governance School, an Int’l Organization that operates the University School. In 2008, the “Group of Rome” was constituted around him & comprised of the most esteemed professors and practitioners. The inaugural launching took place at the European Parliament in 2013.The programs were announced at the Quirinale Palace in the presence of H.E. The President of Italy Mr. S. Mattarella on May 18, 2016.


The vision of the ELGS is to create a generation of youth that will identify themselves as Europeans that will serve Europe, and will disseminate the idea, culture &values of Europe throughout the world. The ELGS has identified the need to create a form of education that is Pan-European in character and at the heart of its offering is the ability to create degree programs, which enable students at all levels of studies to take classes from both the legal tracks and the governance programs, to ensure a truly interdisciplinary approach. At the ELGS, students will obtain the knowledge and develop the skills necessary to become the next generation of socially responsible lawyers and leaders, capable of addressing the challenges of Europe in the future.


Research is one of the core pillars of the ELGS’s activity, and, to this effect, it implements and supports scientific research, conferences & related scientific publications. The ELGS’s research activities explore policy alternatives and provide technical legal advice to national authorities, addressing a wide range of academic and policy issues within the broad field of European & International public law and governance, including European integration, sustainable development, security studies, justice reform, public administration, migrant issues, vulnerable groups’ rights etc. The ELGS cooperates with specialized institutions such as the University of Cambridge, the Commission, and other non-governmental institutions.


The Governance track of the ELGS studies will support and deliver the knowledge most desired by professionals for a career in policy advising, lobbying, political research, journalism and academia. The dynamic Governance curriculum provides students with the specialist expertise to conduct high quality research in public policy, administration and governance. The legal track of the ELGS aims to shape the European lawyer of the new era, focusing on the European perspective of the profession, while highlighting the common legal traditions of European states & the principles that underpin the discipline on a global scale. Especially the ELGS LL.M. with its focus on market oriented topics (internal market, competition, EMU and banking) and on immigration/asylum & fundamental rights issues offers a well-focused added-value specialisation. 

PhD Programmes

Social Sciences (1)


Student services

The ELGS offers students the opportunity to live and study in one of the most exciting cities in Europe. As the birthplace of democracy, it is the perfect place to study law and governance. An academic hub, amidst a landscape of unparalleled environmental and cultural beauty. The EPLO premises that  host the Undergraduate programs of the ELGS overlook the Aegean Sea, are one hour away from Athens and are located by the bay of Cape Sounion, where the ancient Temple of Poseidon rests. The postgraduate programs are located in the heart of Athens in the old district of Plaka next to the Roman Agora. The area has definitely an undisputable charm, and is one of the most frequented by visitors and natives alike.Plaka’s winding pathways carry thousands of years of history and its buildings’ facades are dressed in the19th c. neoclassical design and architecture.

Housing services

The ELGS offers accommodation and transfer packages for international or non-commuting

participants. Students who require assistance with accommodation and transportation should contact the School. The EPLO Guest House, located at the EPLO in Sounion (Legraina area), is comprised of 11 double occupancy bedrooms with bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen and open-air sports courts and gardens all facing the Aegean sea. Students may nevertheless

choose to make their own accommodation and transportation arrangements.

Library services

The European Public Law Library, hosted at the premises in Sounion and exceeding 30.000 volumes, is linked to the top digital libraries in the world. At the same time, the European Review of Public Law, published under the scientific and editorial direction of the EPLO, comprises more than 120 books on public law and more than 90 issues of its quarterly multilingual journal.

ICT services

The School premises both in Sounion as well as in Plaka contain a business center with computers available for the students and a reading room. There is in-house IT support during the working hours of the School.

Medical services

In order to have access to necessary health care, visitors from member states of the European Union (EU) in Greece must be holders of the European Health Card (EHIC) or any other legal Community document issued by their competent social security agency. You can find more information about the EHIC here. In these cases, the necessary treatment in Greece is provided by: Social Security Institute Health Units (polyclinics) or doctor’s offices in the region; Regional clinics (former rural clinics) or the Health Centers of the National Health System; and the outpatients’ departments of the hospitals on contract. 

Student Life

Campus life

The ELGS premises in Sounion overlook the Aegean Sea and  is located by the bay of Cape Sounion, where the ancient Temple of Poseidon rests. The ELGS students enjoy the beauty and the tranquility of a traditional collegiate setting amidst a landscape of unparalleled environmental and cultural beauty. Accommodation facilities, food and drink, entertainment and amusement, shopping and various everyday provisions are available within the lively settlement of Anavyssos, as well as in the neighboring resorts of Palaea Phokaea (less than 1 klm away) and of  Saronida (5 klm away). The abundance of choices for activities makes the area attractive for permanent residents, for summer vacationers, for daily excursions and for short breaks from everyday stress and routines. Located on the bay of Cape Sounion, 64 kilometres from Athens and overlooking the Aegean Sea, the property is 32.500 square meters, and the building is 4.000 square meters. Facilities include a large scale conference room with a capacity of 500 persons with simultaneous interpretation for 4 languages, 4 seminar rooms with a capacity for 70 persons, a library of 35.000 volumes, a guest house with 2 suites and 11 rooms, a business centre, a reading room overlooking the sea, tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, an outdoor theatre and a large garden. Catering and additional student/professor accommodation is offered through partner hotels.

Sports facilities

The Campus for the Undergraduate programs is located at the seaside, only steps away from the Aegean Sea with an outdoor open theater and a garden of 30.000 square meters. It is only 4 km away from the ancient Temple of Poseidon in Cape Sounion. Sports Facilities include: a Basketball Court, a Tennis Court, a Volleyball Court. Students spend their free time practicing their favorite sports at the campus’ facilities, swimming and participating in water sports at the many nearby beaches and coves, engaging in outdoor activities such as bike riding or running, and spending time with friends on nights and weekends at the nearby town of Lavrio.

Student clubs

A range of optional extra-curricular activities for the body and mind, providing you with the opportunity to explore the Greek nature and culture, are made available through our Student Affairs Department. All activities are subject to attendance and prior notice is required.


The degree programs offered by the ELGS are acknowledged by the network of 30 Universities that have signed agreements with the ELGS and the 16 countries and 69 Universities that form part of the Board of Directors of the ELGS- European Law and Governance School that operates the School. Furthermore based on Greek law (Rt. 76 of Law 4310/2014 par. 8 to art. 4 of Law 3328/2005) that higher education degrees issued by International Organisations to which the Greek Republic is a party are equivalent to the degrees delivered by the Greek public higher education institutions.

Other Degrees

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