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Through generous scholarships, available to all eligible applicants, and through partnerships with reputable universities in the UK, the USA and Africa, Unicaf provides online international quality higher education which is easily accessible, very affordable and totally flexible. Unicaf offers internationally recognised Bachelor, Master’s and Doctoral degrees, and opportunities to network with academics and professionals in 156 countries.

PhD Programmes

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Unicaf was established in 2012 and is currently the leading online and on-campus higher education learning platform offering high quality affordable Bachelor, Master's and Doctoral programmes to underserved markets and has already awarded than $100 million worth of scholarships to over 30,000 eligible applicants to pursue academic studies with its partner universities in the UK, US and Africa.


Bachelor, Master’s and Doctoral degree programmes are available in a variety of modern disciplines, offered and awarded by reputable partner institutions, like the University of Suffolk, the Liverpool John Moore’s University and the University of South Wales in the UK, the University of California, Riverside Extension in the USA and multi-campus Unicaf University in Africa. All programme curricula are reviewed and updated constantly. Unicaf University doctoral applicants can choose from a broad portfolio of subject areas, in which they can conduct their research, although UU favours locally-rooted research to support national development and social progress.


Research is central to the mission of Unicaf and its partner universities. It is the cornerstone of the continuing creation of knowledge. It directly contributes to social well-being, health, culture, economic development and the advancement of society.

Research is original, independent investigation undertaken to contribute to knowledge and understanding. Research typically involves inquiry of an experimental or critical nature driven by hypothesis or intellectual positions capable of rigorous assessment by experts in a given discipline. Most of the academics teaching on programmes offered through Unicaf are active researches contributing to knowledge in their fields.


Prepare your future: Earning a bachelor's degree can help you gain new skills and knowledge. These degrees can prepare you for a specific job in the future. 

Develop your skills: These degrees are providing the students with all the necessary knowledge, analytical and communication skills and preparing them to engage successfully in their sector. 

Future employment: Students are provided with the necessary tools to add value to any organisation related to their degree.


Student services

Unicaf operates campuses and learning centres throughout Africa, and is currently present in 12 African countries (Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Morocco, Nigeria, Somalia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia and Rwanda), with plans for further expansion. State-of-the-art campuses operate in Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe, and more are opening soon.

Library services

Through the VLE tutors utilise new technologies for effective learning, like videos, polls, quizzes, summative essays, group projects, workplace scenarios, extensive e-libraries etc. making learning exciting and fun. The VLE facilitates interaction and networking with tutors and professionals in 156 countries around the world. 

ICT services

Unicaf has a dedicated team which provides technical support to all students and staff. Such support is offered online as well as through different documents available in the digital platform. 

Student Life

Student clubs

Unicaf and its partner universities offer a number of opportunities for students to socialize through clubs, societies and other associations. Some of these opportunities are offered online and some are offered on-campus.  Unicaf University also maintains a football team and other sports activities which are available to on-campus students. 


All degree programmes offered by Unicaf and awarded by its partner universities are internationally recognised. Locally, Unicaf University is a licensed university in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe and is also approved to recruit students in Kenya. Many more accreditations and licenses by national agencies are on the way, in various other African countries. Unicaf University is a member of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) and a member of the Southern African Regional Universities Association (SARUA). Unicaf University campuses in Zambia and Malawi are also accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC), based in the UK, as an Independent Higher Education Provider.


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