School of Politics and International Relation

The graduate programme in the UCD School of Politics and International Relations (SPIRe) encompasses master’s degrees and graduate diplomas in a wide range of areas, including development studies, European affairs, human rights, international relations, Irish and European politics, nationalism and ethnic conflict, and political theory.

PhD Programmes

Social Sciences (3)
Business & Management (1)
Law (1)


In particular, we offer both MSc and MA programmes in four subject areas, three interdisciplinary master’s degrees, and two graduate diplomas. Basic information on all these programmes is available below, with further details available by clicking on the various programmes’ titles.

SPIRe currently has nearly 150 postgraduate students from over 30 countries. In addition to their studies, these students have access to visiting speakers and other activities of the School's three research centres: the Centre for Sustainable Development Solutions, the Dublin European Institute, and the Institute for British-Irish Studies.

Our graduates work at leading universities and in governments, EU institutions, intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations, the media, business and the voluntary sector. They are known for their ability to communicate clearly and effectively about complex issues, their ability to analyse and resolve difficult problems, and their contribution to cutting-edge scholarship.


On our two campuses, and in our numerous associated research and teaching institutions, we provide world-class teaching, learning and research facilities. We have many well-resourced libraries and extensive computing facilities. The university is rapidly moving forward in the area of e-learning, and you will find a plethora of resources to support your learning available electronically both on and off campus. We also provide excellent student health, welfare and counselling services.

The main campus of UCD is situated at Belfield, a 132 hectare site 4 km south of the centre of Dublin city. This campus is an attractively landscaped complex of modern architectural buildings, accommodating most of the Colleges and Schools of the University as well as its student residences and numerous leisure and sporting facilities.

Facilities on campus include:
  • Banking Facilities
  • Numerous Food Outlets
  • Photopcopying, Printing, Stationery Services
  • Shops
  • Bookshops
  • Bike shop
  • Crèche
  • Health Centre


The UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School is located at the Blackrock campus, approximately two miles from Belfield. The picturesque Blackrock campus is located on the former Carysfort Park Estate and is now home to the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School.

Student Life

Ireland has a rich history of cultural and scientific excellence. It is the international gateway to Europe, an English-speaking country that is full of natural beauty and is the chosen location for 13 of the worlds top 15 multinational companies. It has a young, highly-educated population, and is home to some of the worlds leading researchers.


"If Dublin didnt ever exist, some mad, wonderful genius would have invented it!"

Dublin is as old as the hills that surround it, and as young as you want it to be. The nurturing place of James Joyce, Beckett, the Chieftains, U2 , Riverdance and more artists and writers than you could count. Its the capital city of the country with the youngest and best educated population in Europe. Few capital cities combine art, learning, culture, fringe and enterprise in such a small area. Part of Dublins charm is its friendly scale. You can walk across it in an hour, if you dont meet someone on the way!

Dublin is renowned for its pubs of course, but its the cafes, clubs and nightlife that make it a magnet for people who want something a bit more interesting to do with their time out. And youre never far from the sea or the countryside.

Dublin, Leinster, Ireland


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