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We operate a university-wide career development system, incorporating careers education within the framework of regular course programs. An integrated curriculum spanning the first two years of study aims to develop the personal qualities required to contribute to the maintenance of our social systems, equipping students with the beliefs, norms, responsibility, and spirit of coexistence and contribution through which they can pursue self-realization and a vision for the future as mature adults.

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Student services

Welcoming International Students

  • Support for international students in all aspects of student life
  • Academic/Japanese language support for international students
  • Support for visas, insurance and housing for international students

Housing services

Although it depends on the living arrangements, when searching for housing through realtors, unique customs of payment (key money, deposit money, etc.) as well as paying one month of rent in advance are followed when contracts are concluded in Japan. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare money equivalent to four to six months of rent in total, and a joint guarantor is also required.

Medical services

All non-Japanese citizens who reside in Japan for three months or more are obliged to join the National Health Insurance program. Joining the National Health Insurance program means that if you are ill or suffer an injury, you only have to pay part of the medical expenses (patient co-payment) when you receive care at a medical institution (usually, the amount paid by the patient is 30% of the total medical expenses).