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Ilia State University

Currently, Ilia State University is one of the leading research and educational institutions in Georgia.  Ilia State represents a special connection between students and professors – a multifunctional educational and scientific institution where the joint work of professors, students, researchers and instructors creates a unified space for higher education and research.

PhD Programmes



Ilia State University was founded in 2006, as a result of the merger of 6 different academic institutes with long and varied histories. Currently, Ilia State University is one of the leading research and educational institutions in Georgia. 


Ilia State University study programs are based on liberal education model, creating an environment, cultivating critical, analytical, ethical, creative skills in students, and contributing to the establishment of a knowledge-based society capable of developing sustainable solutions for the challenges of the 21st century. 


Students, instructors, researchers and professors are free to choose areas of study and research, as well at their direction, co-workers, and supervisors. No one has the right to forbid the students, professors, researchers, and instructors, the study of any particular topic or the publication of scientific findings, based on political or moral objections. Students and professors are free to choose any transparent and responsible forms of self-governance, which they believe to be best for the advancement of their union - the university – and its common goals.  


Student services

Office of Foreign Relations

The chief mission of the office is the facilitation of the process of internationalization in the academic sphere, in order to raise the profile of the university. Particular priorities are cooperation with international institutions, the participation of Ilia State University faculties and students in international cooperative or exchange based projects, and the raising of the university profile in international networks.

Housing services

Ilia State University offers affordable housing options in contracted hostels and apartments in Tbilisi, closer to the campus. The prices range from 200 to 400 USD per month.

Library services

Iliauni Library – a space for learning and research – is open to everyone regardless of age, social, cultural, religious, ethnic or ideological status. The collection of the library contains almost 2 million titles, textbooks and periodicals, in in various languages. The library works to maintain and expand its collection as well as to make its electronic resources readily accessible.  

ICT services

Argus is an electronic system designed for the students of Ilia State in order to aid them in the planning of their study process. 

The book house Ligamus is a project of Ilia State University, which brings together several functional spaces.  Ligamus offers to the students of Ilia State and the public at large a book shop, a café, a reading room, a children’s room, and free Wi-Fi. 

Medical services

All international students are required to provide proof of insurance valid in Georgia for the duration of the studies (i.e. renewed annually).

Ilia State University will provide several student insurance packages from which students can choose acceptable option.

Student Life

Campus life

Ilia State University occupies 11 buildings in Tbilisi.

  • E,F,G,H,S buildings
  • A,B,C,D buildings
  • I,J buildings
  • Public Transport that services Iliauni locations

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