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Top reasons to study here

  • Creating equal opportunities at all levels is also part of the development concept and an important goal for both institutions.
  • Seizing the complementary strengths of the two universities, the Cluster pursues a highly interdisciplinary approach combining natural and engineering sciences.
  • Both KIT and Heidelberg University receive permanent institutional funding as well as the renowned title University of Excellence.



3D Additive Manufacturing, or plainly speaking “3D printing”, has the potential to change our world in the 21st Century as much as Gutenberg’s movable-type “2D printing” did in the 15th Century. 3D Additive Manufacturing converts information – a digital blueprint – directly and rapidly into physical objects.

This technology drastically shortens time to market, allows customization without additional cost, overcomes limitations of standard machining, and places the production of materials, objects, and functional devices from the hands of few factory owners into the hands of many with access to tabletop instruments with 3D printing capabilities. 


The aim of the Excellence Strategy is to strengthen Germany’s position as an outstanding place of research in the long term and further improve its international competitiveness. Continuing the development of German universities successfully begun with the Excellence

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