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University Jean Monnet (Saint-Étienne)

Jean Monnet University is a member of the University of Lyon, an academic site of excellence ranking as the 2nd largest research and training centre in France with nearly 150,000 students.

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It stands out as an institution of higher education and essential research in the Lyon Saint- Étienne metropolitan area thanks to its emphasis on partnerships with the higher education institutions of Saint-Étienne and Lyon, the City and the Metropolitan Area, and also with businesses.


Jean Monnet University's research strategy, in line with the University of Lyon's policy of scientific excellence, is based on a unique potential, with an innovative ecosystem: nearly 450 research professors, more than 60 nationally and internationally renowned laboratories, and advanced technological equipment.

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Student Life

Campus life

The student life at UJM is a central factor in our students' personal development and success.  The campus is brimming with initiatives by more than 60 student associations, aiming to promote equal opportunities, improve study conditions, provide entertainment on the campuses, strengthen social ties or create study-related projects. It is fully integrated into the city of Saint-Étienne, a metropolis on a human scale.

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