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Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy

The Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy builds and strengthens knowledge and environmental leadership as a critical foundation for the advancement of open and environmentally sustainable societies. The department has a strong interdisciplinary program with strengths in quantitative and qualitative methods, participatory research approaches and integrated environmental assessment.

PhD Programmes

Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (1)



  • MSc in Environmental Sciences and Policy / This program provides students with a combination of scientific, technological, legal and policy training, preparing them for careers in a wide range of environment-related fields
  • MSc in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management / The Erasmus program prepares students to identify and implement solutions for complex environmental challenges, especially in an international context. The program is operated by CEU, Lund University, the University of Manchester, the University of the Aegean, the University of Saskatchewan and the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. 


Our graduates pursue successful careers in environment-related fields in the public and private sectors, international organizations, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, and academia. 


 Accredited in the U.S. and Hungary. 

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