MCI Management Center Innsbruck - the Entrepreneurial School

Innsbruck, Austria
The Management Center Innsbruck links together the best out of science, economy and consulting to the unique concept of an international Entrepreneurial School.



MCI offers graduate, non-graduate and post-graduate educational programs of the highest standard to senior and junior managers from all management levels and branches. MCI's programs focus on all levels of the personality and include areas of state-of-the art knowledge from science and practice relevant to business and society.

As an internationally oriented information and communication center, MCI is open to new perspectives, methods and projects. Constructive dialogue and co-operative development of interdisciplinary competences are two of the pillars of teaching and learning at MCI.


MCI as the Entrepreneurial School® pursues research and development activities that lead to applied, business-relevant and solution-oriented results.

With the expertise of our researchers in the fields of Business & Society and Technology & Life Sciences we contribute to the technological, economic and societal development.

We work for regional, national and international clients and support their efficiency, innovation capability and competitiveness. As a knowledge hub we link regional and national needs to international state of the art knowledge and technology.


The MCI Career Center is an interface between academia and business, graduates and the employment market.

For students and alumni, the MCI Career Center is the first port of call for all questions relating to the job market and career planning. In addition to a wide range of information and events, the center also offers individual advisory sessions and coaching.

For companies, the MCI Career Center is their competent partner in all fields of recruitment on the MCI campus. The center offers access to the professional talents of tomorrow at various levels.

PhD Programmes

Applied Sciences & Professions (1)
Business & Management (1)


Student services

Students at the MCI benefit from a large number of attractive services that generate a first-class university environment. The MCIs full service offering makes student life easier and more enjoyable, supports an interdisciplinary student network and provides access to additional qualifications.

Thanks to the collaboration and support of the Innsbruck University library, a full program of foreign languages, excellent equipment and IT-infrastructure, the Career Center with an international network, a dynamic platform for alumni in the form of theAlumni & Friends club, attractive sports and leisure opportunities, and much else besides, the MCI offers a very special university experience.

Housing services

The Students Union (ÖH) at Innsbruck University keeps full and up-to-date lists of available flats, bedsitters etc. The service is available to both students and accommodation providers.

You can also try one of the online accommodation agencies.

Library services

  • Offering:
Students can take advantage of libraries with a full range of literature, journals, magazines and newspapers at MCI I, III and IV. The facilities include PC workstations, printers, copiers and scanners.
  • Online resources:
The academic character of the study programs is underscored by the availability of scientific databases via freely accessible PCs as well as remote access.

ICT services

Our objective at IT-Services is to provide optimum support for students, faculty and the university administration. The modern IT infrastructure at all MCI locations, with state-of-the-art computer rooms, freely accessible PC workstations and campus-wide Wireless LAN, is one of the keys to ideal working conditions for students.

Student Life

Campus life

Student life is about more than lectures and learning, and Innsbruck and its surroundings have much to offer. Students will find a wide and varied range of leisure activities and amenities, and plenty of opportunities to make new friends in short, everything that is so important for young people at such a formative time of life.

Innsbruck is one of the most attractive cities in Europe, a city with a long university tradition and an exciting offering in the field of culture, sport and leisure activities in general. The beautiful mountains of the Tyrol as well as easy access to Germany, Switzerland and Italy make Innsbruck a wonderful place for work and play for students at the MCI.

Sports facilities

Innsbruck at the heart of the Alps is a very special tourism destination that has twice hosted the Winter Olympics and as such is the perfect place for year-round sports and leisure activities. Thanks to an agreement with the Innsbruck University Sports Institute (USI), MCI students are entitled to make use of the USI facilities and participate in various outdoor activities at a special rate.