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Since its founding Católica, Global School of Law has been successful in achieving a series of goals: it has attracted a remarkable group of scholars and classes of graduate students, both coming from prestigious law schools from all over the world; it has launched three state of the art programmes (an LL.M. Law in a European and Global Context, an Advanced LL.M. in International Business Law and a Global Ph.D. in Law); and it is becoming an important center of graduate teaching and research in law from a global perspective in Lisbon.

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Católica Global School of Law was established in 2009 at the Law School of the Catholic University of Portugal and has become the center of the Católica's growing focus on international legal education.

Since its founding, Católica Global School of Law has attracted a remarkable group of scholars and classes of graduate students, both coming from prestigious law schools from all over the world.


Católica Research Centre for the Future of Law- research unit of generalist scope at the Lisbon branch of Católica Law School.

It was founded in November 2012. Its mission is to promote key changes to the traditional paradigm of legal research in Portugal. The Research Centre aims to set Católica apart from other Portuguese law schools in its way of thinking about and carrying out legal research.

We are committed to a paradigm that stresses teamwork, interdisciplinary research, and a transnational focus. Instead of individual and isolated research, we support research projects that imply the cooperation of researchers with different areas of interest and expertise or integrated in a single research network.


Católica Global School of Law prepares students to be highly effective by equipping them with a strong combination of legal theory, real-life experience, and practice skills.

The Career Development Office provides assistance for students in all areas related to the career planning process.

We are committed to help our students and Alumni to launch their careers through counseling and by selecting and presenting options that work best for each one, such as in the fast growing Portuguese speaking countries or abroad, in countries as UK, USA, China, India, or Central Eastern European countries were we have established recruitment partnerships with international law firms and international recruitment agencies.


Housing services

We recommend International Students to book a hostel before arriving in Lisbon and find a place to live once they get here. This way they can see the flats, negotiate the rent and talk with the landlord before committing to a permanent house.As a reference, a 3 bedroom apartment in Lisbon can range from 750€ to 1200€ per month and a room in a shared flat may vary from 200€ to 400€, depending on the quality, size and location.

Library services

The central building of the campus, called Edifício da Biblioteca Universitária João Paulo II, houses among others the main University Library, several research and post-graduate institutes, the Rector's office, the university's support services, the chapel, the bookshop and the stationery shop, as well as a Congress Centre (Centro de Congressos and Auditório Cardeal Medeiros).

Student Life

Campus life

Campus life at Católica Global School of Law is a unique experience. As a Law Student, you will enjoy an inspiring learning environment and a campus atmosphere full of challenges and excitement.

Located in the northern area of Lisbon, near "Cidade Universitária" - which houses the various faculties of the state-run oldest university in Lisbon, the University of Lisbon - the National Library and the University Stadium, it extends over an area of 37,000 m². To the north of the campus a further area of around 12,000 m² is yet to be developed.

It can be reached by underground, several bus routes, car, bicycle, on foot.


Recognized by the Financial Times for 6 consecutive years among the most innovative programmes in the world.

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