Dodd-Walls Centre

Dunedin, New Zealand
The Dodd-Walls Centre is a Centre of Research Excellence building on New Zealand’s strength in the fields of quantum optics, photonics and precision atomic physics. In addition to Dunedin, students can study in alternative locations of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.



The Dodd-Walls Centre has existed as a collaborative centre between the Universities of Otago and Auckland since 2006, and is named after two of New Zealand's pioneering researchers in quantum physics, Professors Jack Dodd and Dan Walls.


The DWC has a total of 40 Investigators (including the Director and Deputy Director), and 27 other research staff. Doctoral students comprise half of the total membership of the DWC (100), and in addition to research training, many of our strategic activities involve students, including Educational Outreach, Ka Hikitia, and Industry. DWC strategic and central activities are led and supported by 4 managers and 2 administrative staff.


Our research centres around photonics, the manipulation of light at the most fundamental, quantum level, and the control and manipulation of matter at the atomic scale, through the use of light.

Our aim is to generate fundamental knowledge about how the physical universe is composed and behaves and to undertake cutting-edge research with the potential to underpin advanced technological development.

Alongside this research focus, the Centre educates and mentors highly skilled individuals and provides pathways for commercialisation of research and career development.


Better careers. Increase the number of high-quality, high-earning career pathways in New Zealand through the enhancement of existing high-tech businesses, and the creation of new ones and ensure these career pathways are opened more equitably for all New Zealanders through enhanced public engagement, outreach and education.