Study PhD Programmes in Bangor, United Kingdom -

Study PhD's in Bangor, Wales, United Kingdom

Bangor at a glance

Bangor is a university city where you can focus on your degree abroad at your own pace. Modern, but untouched by the agitation of a large city, Bangor has a cheerful atmosphere that will remind you that you are in one of Great Britain’s smallest cities. Providing easy access to other hotspots surrounding the coast of North Wales, this city has a historic personality that will delight you. The nearby Bangor Mountain might become the place where you can enjoy your free time with outdoor activities or you can study for your exams in a quiet surrounding. After providing shelter for BBC public service broadcaster since World War II, the city became a destination for international students who seek a place where they can pursue their higher education undisturbed!


Studying in Bangor

If you are looking for an undergraduate or graduate school abroad, in Bangor you will find programmes in plenty of fields of study. If you wish to enrol in a Bachelor’s degree course, they are available in literature, music, business, finance, education, law, healthcare and medical sciences, biology, computer science or electronic engineering.

When you apply to a Master’s degree programme, you can choose between taught courses, such as Master of Arts (M.A.) or Master of Science (M.Sc.) degrees which will offer you specialist knowledge. PhD programmes focus on research. Some of them are also available as online degree courses.

University short courses lead to certificates, diplomas or teaching qualification. However, you may also apply to a foundation degree, apprenticeship class, HNC (Higher National Certificate) or HND (Higher National Diploma).


Career opportunities in Bangor

Economy in Bangor is pretty stable and some of the companies are open to have international students in their teams. Therefore, degrees from local universities are valuable to employers. Retail trade is one of the main fields of the city’s financial life, thanks to its central shopping area.

Employment is based on skills and specializations. The main industries are software development, education, IT services, construction, financial services software, hospitality and tourism and science and engineering services.


Bangor city life

Bangor is a small city but with diverse activities. You may clear your mind from studies with a walk around the town or in the nearby areas. Hiking, playing gulf or mountain climbing are some of the sports that visitors enjoy. Cwm Idwal National Nature Reserve is also suitable for a tranquil weekend.

You can take a cultural breath while taking walks on Bangor Pier, admiring Bangor Cathedral or Perhyn Castle and Gwynedd Museum and Art Gallery. Local cuisine means restaurants with European, Asian, Welsh, Mediterranean, British or Italian products.

During daytime, you may enjoy a shopping session in the area near High Street or you may try the City Leisure & Snooker Club, Pontio or The Play Centre.

Nightlife is active in Bangor and international students can choose between enjoying a quiet evening in the local bars and pubs or in one of the three agitated and picturesque clubs.

International atmosphere in Bangor

Being an academic centre, Bangor is a pretty international city, with plenty of temporary residents with energy and enthusiasm.

The English and Welsh-speaking locals are friendly, warm and accustomed with visitors who wish to find English universities in Europe.

Weather Bangor

Bangor’s climate is typical for the U.K. Wind is often present, due to the location of the city on a coast. During winter, snowfall may appear, while spring and autumn are known for the rainfalls. Average temperatures are -2.6°C (27°F) in January and 26.3°C (79°F) in July.


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