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Study PhD's in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

Honolulu at a glance

“The Crossroads of the Pacific”, “The Sheltered Bay”, “The Big Pineapple” or “Paradise”. These are just a few of the nicknames that best describe Honolulu. Located on the Oahu island, between California and Japan, Honolulu is a city that harmoniously blends the eastern and western culture. Arts and entertainment are visible at every step in Honolulu, including on buildings. Nightlife, local cuisine, cultural events and underground bars, along with outdoor sites and leisure activity comprise the magic that turned Honolulu into a touristic hotspot. If you wish to earn a degree abroad in U.S.A., then Honolulu is the spot where your studies will take place in a relaxed manner and you will be able to catch a glimpse of the cultural mix that is visible throughout the city. Discover why international students prefer to study abroad in this notorious city!


Studying in Honolulu

Universities’ catalogues offer plenty of choices, if you seek for a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree or a PhD. You can apply for your Bachelor’s or Master’s in U.S.A. in Hawaiian studies, IT, communication, engineering, education, management, marketing, medicine, meteorology and other popular fields of study.

If you are looking for a graduate school abroad that offers Master of Science (M.Sc.), MBA or a PhD in psychology, education, computer science, finance, there are high chances you will find one taught in English in one of the universities from Honolulu.

During summer vacation months, you can apply to one of the university short courses that take place during day, evening, weekend or as online degree courses in journalism, constructions or automotive technology industry. Those who seek online degree courses can find options and support in Honolulu’s higher education institutions.

Universities are equipped with on-campus facilities such as libraries, bookstores, health and sports services, as well as socialization opportunities and cultural events.


Career opportunities in Honolulu

In Honolulu you may find a university that provides on and off-campus employment or career counselling services for students. Either way, you can get employed in Honolulu, since the city’s economy is on a safe track.

Being the largest airport and city from the Hawaiian Islands, Honolulu’s income is massively influenced by tourism. The city is also a business and commerce hub between the east and the west and also focuses on military defence, research and manufacturing. Honolulu was ranked the third city in the world to work in by a financial magazine.

Some of the companies that have offices in Honolulu are Alexander & Baldwin, Central Pacific Bank and Island Air.


Honolulu city life

Honolulu is a community within a large city. This is how locals and visitors describe it altogether, after experiencing a metropolitan vibe, but without inconveniences such as traffic or agitation. The shopping, arts and cultural scene are some of the finest offerings that Honolulu has. Nightlife is spiced up by events that celebrate the signature hula dance and restaurants proudly offer products of local cuisine and beverages.

The history of Honolulu is visible through the Iolani Palace, the Kawaiahao Church, the artefacts from the Bishop Museum and the Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archive. Meanwhile, the city’s beauty can be admired from the Aloha Tower and in monuments like the King Kamahameha I Statue or the Duke Kahanamoku Statue. The Hawaii Theatre is also a locally famous site. The farmers’ markets and the walls of Kaka’ako, covered in street art are two of the impressive points that emphasize Honolulu’s uniqueness.

Honolulu is home to 100 beaches, a record that a few cities in the world own and the birthplace of Nicole Kidman, Bette Midler and Barrack Obama.

International atmosphere in Honolulu

Due to the cultural mixture that Honolulu has, most of its inhabitants are Asian American, from ethnic groups such as Japanese, Filipinos, Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese and others. A tiny percentage of the people are natives.

Honolulu is also highly visited by tourists, so the atmosphere is constantly diverse and locals are open to show foreigners their traditions, signature dance, cuisine and history. International students will feel welcome and will quickly learn that vacation and studies can interfere without disturbing each other.

Weather Honolulu

Honolulu’s climate is mostly translated into one dry summer season with occasional rainfalls. Hurricanes may rarely appear. Average high temperatures are 27 - 32°C (80 - 90°F), while average lows are 18 - 24°C (65 - 75°F).

Universities in Honolulu

LIGS University is a modern university that combines practical methods and innovative approaches to the American and European system of education. The school came into existence as a result of a merger of what were the American LIGS University and the European LIGS University, both of which have had a long tradition of providing Interactive Online education.

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