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Study PhD's in Moscow, Moscow, Russia

Moscow at a glance

Have an unforgettable study abroad adventure in the city of Moscow, Russia’s capital, the largest city on the European continent. Discover a culture full of contrasts; experience the wild nightlife and the outstanding structures such as the Kremlin, colourful Orthodox churches, or the famous subway system. Study a degree abroad in Moscow, to get high standards education in engineering and other disciplines.


Studying in Moscow

The higher education offer in Moscow means access to a wide range of science programmes and applied science programmes with plenty of lab work and academic research, and expertise from thousands of experienced teachers and faculty members.

Enrol in Bachelor and Master programmes with specialisations in disciplines of international popularity such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, nanotechnology, medical science, economics, law, international relations, business administration, public administration offering up to date solutions to current global issues.

Select the right Bachelor or Master of Science; or a competitive International MBA or choose from other undergraduate or graduate studies such as diplomas, certificates, university short courses, and more.

Join top PhDs conducting leading research with scientific institutes in Russia and around the world.

Students’ grades are based almost exclusively on the ‘final exam,’ with less attention attached to perceived effort, attendance and homework. Degree studies in Moscow relies heavily on self-learning. But you will have plenty of learning resources, as there are huge libraries in universities and throughout the city.


Career opportunities in Moscow

Moscow is a top destination for international business, as one of the largest municipal economies of Europe, and the lowest unemployment rate in Russia. The city is also Russia’s financial centre with large banks as well as successful industries such as: chemical, metallurgy, food, textile, furniture, energy production, software development, jewellery and machinery industries.

Top companies in Moscow include: Gazprom, 1C Company, ABBYY, Kaspersky Lab, Ruselectronics, Kristall, ZiL.

The Moscow International Business Center is a projected new part of central Moscow, situated in Presnensky District, aiming to create a zone combining business activity, living space and entertainment.

Universities have partnerships with successful companies in Moscow, providing lab work and internship opportunities for interested international students.


Moscow city life

Moscow provides offers attractive student life at any cost and time of the day or night. The city is full of clubs, restaurants and bars. Tverskaya Street is also one of the busiest shopping streets in Moscow. Today the city has many of the world's largest nightclubs, bars, creative spaces and restaurants turned into dancefloors.

The city is renowned for their selection of museums, theatres, public libraries, and concert halls. Wonderful art museums are spread throughout the city such as the Tretayakov Gallery, which houses the world's best collection of Russian icons and pre-revolutionary Russian art. Also not to be missed are some of the city's literary museums, particularly including works from top Russian writers like Tolstoy, Pushkin, Dostoevsky, or Gogol.

Other places that you simply must visit in your lifetime include:

  • Kremlin Museum Complex
  • Lenin Mausoleum
  • St Basil Cathedral
  • The Pushkin Museum
  • Bolshoi Theatre
  • State Historical Museum of Russia
  • Memorial Museum of Astronautics

Make sure you also visit a Russian bathhouse (banya) while in Moscow – an important Russian tradition.

Transportation in the city, though often congested, is very efficient. The metro system is one of the largest and most effective in the world, featuring great art, murals, mosaics, and ornate chandeliers. There are a lot of airports and train stations that will make traveling to other cities very simple.

International atmosphere in Moscow

Moscow features a diverse international population coming from countries that made up the past Communist Bloc such as Ukrainians, Tatars, Armenians, Azeri, Moldovans, Belarusians, including other migrants from Central Asia. Moscow is also Russia’s capital of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, but other religions are also practiced including Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, and more, confirming the city’s diversity.

Moscow’s beautiful sites and busy lifestyle has increased the number of international tourists, adding to the city’s international atmosphere. Many universities in Moscow, as well, have tens of thousands of international graduates every year, although you will probably need to speak Russian in order to enrol.

Weather Moscow

Moscow has long, cold winters usually lasting from November to the end of March. Temperatures can fluctuate between the city centre and the suburbs between 5-10°C (41-50°F). Heat waves may occur during summer. Average low temperatures are -10°C(15°F) in February, while average highs reach 24°C (76°F) in July.

Universities in Moscow

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