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Christian studies conveys knowledge and methods in understanding the intellectual, historical, and social contexts of the development of Christianity and Christian thought. Christian study degrees may focus on such topics as the early stages of Christian thought, its influence on western culture, reformation philosophy and movements, as well as contemporary reflections and impact on modern society. Courses also explain the connections between the scripture and Christian traditions and the way they reflect in the Christian religions. Bachelors and Masters in Christian studies combine elements and concepts from other disciplines like philosophy, history, sociology and social work.

Students will attend courses that touch upon topics such as: principles of theology, religion and philosophy in human experience, God in the context of social justice, theories of truth, biblical foundations, survey methods of Christian education, and more.

Christian studies will equip students with a broad range of skills such as abilities to comprehend, analyse, interpret and integrate primary and secondary sources of biblical, theological, historical, and ethical thought. This discipline will also train students to provide complete social and spiritual assistance and to be able to understand the spiritual needs and sensitivities of the beneficiaries needing social services.

Graduates have the option to pursue careers as clergy members, ministry directors, Christian missionaries, ministers of education, youth and children's workers.

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Suggested PhDs in Christian Studies

Ph.D. Religion and Theology

The Religion and Theology programme offered by the University of Bristol has a strong and innovative research culture, with leading researchers in the thought and practice of Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism.

United Kingdom
MPhil, MThR, PhD New Testament and Christian Origins

The New Testament and Christian Origins programme offered by The University of Edinburgh provides the chance to work under the supervision of specialists whose recent publications have focused on the gospels; Paul; the apocalypse; the apocryphal gospels and early second-century texts and developments; textual criticism; New Testament ethics and others.

United Kingdom
MTh-MScR-MPhil-PhD World Christianity

The World Christianity programme offered by The University of Edinburgh provides the opportunity to work with the academic specialists who form the Centre for the Study of World Christianity, which focuses on Christianity in and from all parts of the majority world, and also on the growing presence of African and Asian churches in the northern hemisphere.

United Kingdom
MPhil, MThR, PhD History of Christianity

If you would like to undertake research in the History of Christianity programme at The University of Edinburgh, you will find excellent specialist supervision and library resources. 

United Kingdom