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Family and consumer science is a study discipline concerned with various aspects of individual and family life as part of society, the relationship between them and the relation with the environment. Family and consumer science is considered a well-established academic discipline with high importance and impact in the development of human society.

Bachelor and Master degrees in family and consumer science combine and exploit many fields such as food, nutrition, design, consumer behaviour, parenting and education, resource management, sexual education and even fire prevention or traffic rules. Family and consumer science degrees cover a wide spectrum of interest. Students will develop and apply critical thinking skills, develop knowledge and skills that support healthy, functioning individuals in family and work roles. They will also learn how to manage resources efficiently so that the essential needs of individuals and families are satisfied. One of the key goals for them will be to promote wellness across all aspects of life.

Career prospects for graduates of family and consumer science include: working in the human services or customer relations area, practicing professions like designer, housing specialist, consumer specialist, nutritionist, social worker, child life specialist, educator or any occupation that aims to improve the quality of human life.

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Ph. D. Doctor of Social Work (DSW) - Family Studies and Interventions

As an advanced social work professional, you are called upon to help society address its most pressing challenges. With Walden’s 100% Online Doctor of Social Work (DSW) program, you can become a more authoritative advocate for social justice and gain the credentials to be recognized as a leader in your field.

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Ph.D. Marketing

The three themes of the Marketing programme offered by Erasmus University Rotterdam are: consumer behaviour, marketing management and strategy, and marketing modelling.

Ph.D. Family Sciences

The family sciences doctoral (Ph.D.) program from University of Kentucky is a research-based curriculum that provides a strong foundation in theory, research methods, and statistics. We also provide all doctoral students with teaching opportunities.

United States