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Why Study Marine Science in Sweden

  • Studying Marine Science in Sweden is a great choice, as there are 4 universities that offer PhD degrees on our portal.
  • Over 32,000 international students choose Sweden for their studies, which suggests you’ll enjoy a vibrant and culturally diverse learning experience and make friends from all over the world.
  • We counted 505 affordable PhD degrees in Sweden, allowing you to access quality higher education without breaking the bank. Moreover, there are 18 available scholarships you can apply to.
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Study in Sweden

Sweden is a very ambitious, eco-friendly, and visionary country. For example, by 2040, it aims to produce all its energy from renewable sources. Universities play an important role in achieving development goals, thanks to their world-class research facilities. If you’re from the EU/EEA, you can study at public universities for free. As a student, you will discover and easily adopt the three main values of Swedish society: freedom, equality, and sustainability. These values are reflected in every aspect of the local society, and you’ll quickly learn to appreciate them. Language barriers are also almost non-existent since around 80% of Swedes speak English.

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Explore your Marine Science degree

Marine Science explores the ocean, its ecosystems, life forms, and processes through biology, chemistry, physics, geology, and meteorology. Specialisations include Marine Biology, Oceanography, Marine Geology, Marine Ecology, and Marine Chemistry. Courses cover marine life, ocean dynamics, research methods, and conservation. It's an ideal degree for ocean enthusiasts, offering career opportunities in research, conservation, education, and policymaking. Skills in data analysis and outdoor activities are essential. Jobs include Marine Biologist, Oceanographer, Marine Policy Specialist, Marine Conservationist, and Fisheries Manager. A Bachelor's or Master's, a Marine Science degree offers a rewarding path for those passionate about the ocean and its preservation.

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Marine Science Scholarships and Financial Aid in Sweden

Explore Marine Science Scholarships and Financial Aid in Sweden to fuel your passion and advance your studies. Accessible funding options are here to support your journey in Marine Science, making your educational dreams achievable. Start your path to a rewarding career with the right financial support.

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