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Horticulture and Crop Science in South Africa

Horticulture and Crop Science
South Africa
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Study in South Africa

South Africa offers very affordable Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. The ‘Rainbow Nation’ excels in disciplines like Development Studies, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences. Tuition fees are among the lowest in the world, and many study programmes are taught in English. International students also enjoy low costs of living and have the opportunity to explore South Africa’s beautiful cities and landscape, which includes Table Mountain, the Garden Route, and gorgeous beaches.

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Explore your Horticulture and Crop Science degree

Horticulture and Crop Science degrees prepare specialists for the cultivation and processing of plants, including edible plants (fruits, vegetables, seeds) and ornamental plants. Horticulture and Crop Science courses teach future graduates about conservation techniques, landscape restoration, and garden design. Horticulturalists' work teaches us how plants provide us nutrition, reduce our carbon footprint, and aesthetically improve living spaces.

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