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Information Systems Management Institute in Riga

ISMA University is one of the leading higher educational institutions in Latvia. ISMA has rich traditions and clear future vision within the common area of European higher education.

PhD Programmes

Business & Management (1)



  • Founded: 1994


ISMA students are provided with an opportunity to make their dreams come true by obtaining the required knowledge in the five directions, which are accredited by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Latvia.

  • Economics
  • Management and Administration, Real Estate Management
  • Information Technologies, Computer Technologies, Electronics, Telecommunications, Computer Management and Computer Science
  • Hotel and Restaurant Management, Management of Tourism and Recreation
  • Arts

At present ISMA offers Latvian and foreign students to study at all levels: first level professional higher education, Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral study programmes.


The main aims of the Career Centre are:

  • to improve the competitiveness and integration skills of students and graduates on the job market;
  • to plan, organise, and control the realisation of study practice;
  • to consult and inform high school students about the kinds of education available, about study programmes and job opportunities after obtaining a certain education;
  • to encourage and facilitate co-operation with employers, for example, regarding study practice places, projects, research, and current job opportunities;
  • to create and maintain information resources databases.


Housing services

There are 2 in-campus dormitories located in the vicinity: Apalenis and Prima.

Please note: a room must be booked well in advance before your arrival as those dormitories are popular among students and have limited availability of accommodation.

ISMA doesn't book a room for you; it's your own responsibility. However you can always ask your ISMA coordinator for help and consultation.

ICT services

  • You can ask for mobile internet modems in those offices as well.
  • Free WiFi is provided in the premises of ISMA for our students.
  • You can use PC at ISMA`s library for free.
  • Many restaurants and coffee shops are equipped with free WiFi in the country.

Medical services

There are several hospitals, clinics and daily doctorates located in vicinity of ISMA. We suggest you “Dziednieciba” as they have doctors on duty, available daily (except Sundays).

Don't forget to take your European Health Insurance card (EHIC)! Make sure it is valid before to come to Latvia.

Student Life

Campus life

ISMA offers students modern and renovated study facilities, library, advanced technical support of studies, free parking place, as well as opportunities to enjoy meals in the cafe and relax in the park on campus.

After the first year of studies ISMA students can participate in the student mobility programmes and continue studies in prestigious foreign universities.

During summer practice students acquire and develop their practical skills in international foreign companies.

This is an opportunity to apply the obtained knowledge, learn the world and, whish is also important, to pay tuition fees with the money earned in summer months.

Sports facilities

There are 2 sport sections available for ISMA students. Volleyball section is held twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays, itKs free for all students and everyone is invited.

The volleyball hall is located close to ISMA. Football section – due to large interest participation is according to the interview held by coach.

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