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Study PhD's in Chester, England, United Kingdom

Chester at a glance

Chester, UK, is a city with 2000 years of history that is still visible nowadays and attracts tourists and international students. This vivid city is located on the River Dee, which makes it even more charming.  Culture and style are applied not just in cafes and bars, but even on buildings that form colourful streets with surprising building designs. Rich in medieval features, Chester was famous throughout history as an important harbour for the area. Chester developed economically after the Industrial Revolution and in 2002 it also became a Fairtrade City. Study abroad in Chester, together with other international students who enjoy their experience in a historic, but a lively city! Find your accredited programme in this corner of the United Kingdom and colour your study in Europe with walks on the Victorian and Medieval streets!


Studying in Chester

If you are looking for a degree abroad, you will find a diverse educational offer in Chester. Undergraduate degree courses are available in finance, archaeology, business management, counselling skills, criminology, theatre and media studies, international business management and others.

After you earn your Bachelor’s degree in a full-time programme, you may continue so or switch to a part-time Master of Science (M.Sc.) or Master of Arts (M.A.) in fields such as public health, heritage practice, art therapy computer science and networks or health care management.

There are also MBA courses available, if you look for a graduate school abroad. A specialized study can lead to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Law or even a L.L.M. practice course.

In Chester you may also earn a postgraduate certificate and diplomas, as well as a research PhD, in an online or on-campus form. You may apply to a foundation degree programme before your higher education studies or, if you graduated, there are plenty of work-based learning programmes.

Professional development courses can be taken full-time or part-time in applied science, law, business, media, public services, sport, fashion industries and others.


Career opportunities in Chester

Higher education institutions from Chester have a strong focus on career and professional development, which will help you achieve employment. However, Chester is a development city that has a 10-years plan of becoming a “must see European destination” with a project that was nicknamed “Chester Renaissance”.

Chester’s major industries are tourism, retail, financial services and administration. Shopping areas are impressive and successful. Companies such as Bank of America and M&S Money have offices in the city.


Chester city life

Chester has a lot to tell when it comes to landmarks and structures. You realize that there are plenty to see when you step by the city walls and begin your walk in this city with Victorian and Medieval houses. Chester has plenty of unique characteristics, including a large hospital named after Diana, Princess of Wales and Countess of Chester.

Chester’s Rows are covered walkways on some of the city’s main street and they are unique in the world. During the day, you may visit the oldest racecourse in England, the 1,000-year old cathedral or the nationally famous Chester Zoo or in a cruise on River Dee. However, adventure continues after dark if you decide to embark in a ghost hunt on the city’s streets.

Indoor culture and some other pieces of history can be found in the Roman Museum, the Military Museum, Grosvenor Museum or the Chester Castle. The Roman amphitheatre can host events for 7,000 people. The Gateway Theatre and Odeon Cinema are also part of the city’s cultural identity.

Chester Summer Music Festival, MBNA Chester Music Festival and Chester Literature Festival are some of the outdoor happenings in Chester. Nightlife is vivid and concentrated in bars, pubs, nightclubs and medieval buildings.

International atmosphere in Chester

The city is visited by tourists and locals are friendly to those who just step into Chester. A large amount of them are British, but you may also meet Irish, Chinese or Arabians. However, the area’s population is growing.

Since the city is also an educational centre, you can either socialize with locals and learn more about the British culture or have an international experience and discover the city with some of your colleagues from other countries, such as China, Japan, Russia, Greece or Finland.

Weather Chester

Chester’s weather is balanced and rainfall is rare, in comparison to other cities in the U.K. Temperatures range from 7.5°C (45.5°F) in January and 21.4°C (70.5°F) in August.

Universities in Chester

The University of Chester provides a flexible range of postgraduate courses. In today’s rapidly changing world our postgraduate qualifications can provide valuable career and personal development opportunities and help you build on your experience and current skills. With 20,000 students from 130 countries worldwide, Chester provides a diverse, vibrant and safe location for international students.

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