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Study PhD's in Colchester, England, United Kingdom

Colchester at a glance

International students choosing to study abroad in Colchester, UK, will enjoy a thriving international environment, and incredible academic training provided by the local universities and colleges. With a wide range of university programmes to choose from, you are guaranteed to gain the personal and professional skills you will need for the study degree you’re preparing for. Colchester is a city in the East England, included in the Essex county and situated north-east of London.


Studying in Colchester

In the admission process, international students are demanded to provide evidence of English language proficiency, mainly high scores of IELTS or TOEFL are accepted.

Within all higher educational institutions in Colchester, you can apply to a multitude of Bachelor and Master degree programmes. However, PhD courses are only available at the only university in the city.

You can apply to foundation programmes available for numerous subjects, English language training and you can also choose from many vocational courses.

Start or continue your academic training in subject areas such as: business, computer games, criminology, education, marketing, art, design, music, psychology, sport studies, horticulture, computing, MBA.

You will find the option to attend short university courses if you are interested in IT, languages, creative writing, or photography.


Career opportunities in Colchester

Colchester has a rich and flourishing economy, and the city’s basic industries are: agriculture, education, pharmaceutical industry, metalworking, plastics industry and the service sector.

Some of the biggest companies located in Colchester are: British Heart Foundation, Penguin Random House, Linklaters, Greggs, British Petroleum, Tesco, Marks and Spencer, British Telecommunications, Halfords, Santander.

International students are encouraged to apply and engage in the internship opportunities available in local companies.


Colchester city life

Once a Roman settlement in Britain, Colchester is a fascinating place to explore, discover and learn more about the British history and cultural legacy. With an abundance of cultural attractions, natural spots including beaches and rural areas, there is no chance for you to get bored here.

Some of the places worth visiting in Colchester are:

  • Colchester Castle
  • Colchester Arts Centre
  • Hollytrees Museum
  • Gosbecks Archaeological Park
  • Roman Walls
  • St. Michael and All Angels Church

Whenever you want to see a play or music performance, you have the Mercury Theatre and Colchester Arts Centre available.

A plethora of bars, pubs and clubs are available for you to have fun and enjoy a nice evening out.

You can easily see other parts of UK, as you are about 45 minutes away from Suffolk, a little over an hour away from Cambridge and you can also check the cosmopolitan London –less than two hours away by train or by car.

International atmosphere in Colchester

Colchester is home to several ethnic communities: Asian (Chinese, Indian, Filipino), Polish, Arabs, Turkish people and more.

In terms of international business, since Colchester is close to London, one of Europe’s best investment locations, several multinational companies who want to reach the UK market have set a branch or relocated here. Colchester city has attracted investors from U.S., Sri Lanka and other Asian countries, especially in fields like: advanced manufacturing, engineering, pharmaceuticals and ICT.

Weather Colchester

Colchester has warm summers and cool to cold winters. Falls of snow in Colchester can occur from November to April, although falls of sleet and wet snow occasionally take place in late October. February is on average the coldest month and August the warmest. The average temperature in summer is around 22°C (71 °F). From December to February the average daytime temperatures are between 7°C and 8°C (44 – 46 °F).

Universities in Colchester

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