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Study PhD's in Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands

Nijmegen at a glance

Study abroad in Nijmegen, the oldest city in the Netherlands with a rich cultural heritage. Universities in Nijmegen provide quality education and make impressive efforts to improve and rank better every year. You can pursue degrees at any level while enjoying life in a safe, friendly and beautiful city. When compared to other big European cities, you’ll find the living costs in Nijmegen quite affordable.


Studying in Nijmegen

One of the most important aspects of education in Nijmegen is the ongoing effort to increase the number of English taught programmes. This initiative aims to attract more international students while providing the same top-quality study experience.

Some of the most popular degrees offered by the universities in Nijmegen are in disciplines like Engineering, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Business & Management, Environmental Studies, and Computer Science. Within these major disciplines, there are even more subjects you can choose to specialise in and become a professional in your field.

Higher education institutions in Nijmegen also pride themselves on providing modern sports facilities and state-of-the-art research centres. The latter enable students to explore the subjects they’re interested in even more in-depth. Any important findings and new theories can then be used to improve our society and the way we live.


Career opportunities in Nijmegen

In Nijmegen, these are some of the most popular fields in which you can finds jobs: Sustainable Urbanism, Transport, Water Management, Construction Engineering, and Scientific Research.

Nijmegen is also an important centre of Psycholinguistics, which studies the relations between psychological and linguistic factors. A career in this field will focus on better understanding how languages are processed by the human brain.

You can also apply for internships and gain valuable work experience at some of the biggest organisations in Nijmegen. These include ReSnap – bringing an innovative approach to photo books and other photo products, Radboud – the University Medical Centre, Proforto – specialised in e-commerce, and Kraft Heinz Company – producing and distributing food and beverage.


Nijmegen city life

Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands, and this makes it a perfect attraction for history and culture lovers. There are many Roman ruins and monuments still standing and waiting to be admired.

You can also explore other local and international cultures at museums. We definitely recommend visiting the Bike Museum, the Afrika Museum, and the Oriental Museum. You will discover many curiosities and fascinating details about these cultures and explore their traditional houses without having to travel halfway around the world.

For people who enjoy a slower pace of life, there are numerous cafés and restaurants in the city centre. They offer a warm and cosy atmosphere and are a great choice when you want to wind down for a while. You should also explore the live music venues and see if anything catches your fancy.

Too much time spent indoor is definitely not good for you. This is why you’ll love Nijmegen even more. You can relax on the beach near the banks of River Waal or explore the green parks and natural beauty all around the city.

International atmosphere in Nijmegen

Nijmegen is a touristic attraction thanks to its rich cultural heritage. Tourists can explore numerous old monuments, castles and discover the city’s unique charm. Some of the most popular attractions are the Nijmeegse Vierdaagse four-day walking festival and the Zomerfeesten summer party.

The growing number of international students are slowly transforming Nijmegen into an intercultural region. Their liveliness, open-mind attitude and curiosity are intoxicating and create a unique vibe throughout the city.

Weather Nijmegen

Despite having an oceanic climate, Nijmegen is warmer than other Dutch cities, especially in the summer. However, you can still expect a lot of rain, even during the driest months. The average temperatures during winter vary between 0-4 °C, while during summer they range between 15-20 °C. 


Accommodation costs in Nijmegen

The price of accommodation in Nijmegen will vary depending on the room’s size, location, and whether you’ll be living alone or with other students. Generally, you can expect to pay between 250-500 EUR per month.

One way to save money on accommodation is to look for a place to stay on sites dedicated to students, such as If you use our promotional code: SP19 on Uniplaces at the checkout, you will get an awesome discount of 25% on the service fee.

Living costs in Nijmegen

It’s more difficult to mention an average for living costs because this depends a lot on your lifestyle habits, food preferences, and how much you want to spend on entertainment, travelling and other activities.

Considering all these things, you can expect to pay anywhere between 800-1,000 EUR/month on living costs. You can reduce these costs if you buy food in bulk, take advantage of discounts at supermarkets, and choose local brands over international ones.

Additionally, try to track how much money you spend when you go out. Also, try to only buy the clothes you actually need. Even if you eventually decide to spend this money, you will be much better off by using it to travel.

Universities in Nijmegen

Radboud University is a comprehensive, internationally-oriented university that aspires to be one of the best in Europe. Together with Radboudumc, we have created an intellectual environment that inspires and challenges our students and staff so that they can extend the scope of academic disciplines and benefit society.

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