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Study PhD's in Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Luxembourg at a glance

Follow a degree abroad in Luxembourg, the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, an attractive destination for international students. Local prestigious universities are focused on research and internship opportunities and students will enhance career prospects. Home to many EU institutions and international banks, Luxembourg is a mix of styles, cultures and languages ready to inspire you global culture.


Studying in Luxembourg

Within Luxembourg universities, Bachelor’s, Master’s degrees and PhD courses are generally bilingual French/English or French/German. Some degree courses are trilingual and some are taught entirely in English. Students need a high level of proficiency in the language needed for the degree programme.

International students can apply for several foundation programmes available in many subject areas.

In addition, universities offer "European Masters", Master programmes with a focus on Europe, Erasmus programmes and Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees, vocational training, part-time and full-time MBA’s with internships and professional certificate programmes.

Fields of study available in universities include: engineering, medicine, law, languages, psychology, education, economics, finance, computer science, social sciences, wealth management, risk management and more. You can enrol in Master of Science programmes, notably in digital marketing, human resource management and accounting.

You can choose between a few online (distance) learning programmes, such as legal studies that is taught in French. Join a university short course for an intensive study experience on a topic you are really interested in.


Career opportunities in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has a developed and advanced economy, with banking, steel industry, manufacturing, telecommunications, and tourism as major sectors.

Apart from being home to international banks and several international and EU institutions, Luxembourg’s sustainability is granted by the economic ties with its neighbours Belgium and Germany.

Major employers in Luxembourg include: ArcelorMittal, Intech, Visual Online, BNP Paribas, Goodyear, PwC, EUREST Luxembourg, Groupe Société Générale Bank and Trust, BDO.

Students will find a plethora of internship and work experience opportunities in numerous local companies and institutions. Many of them decide hire in the local companies after graduation, due to an excellent work environment and career prospects and the high quality of living.


Luxembourg city life

Luxembourg is a mix of architectural styles and cultures and abundant in leisure activities for all kinds of people. From the historic centre of Luxembourg that is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site to amazing and uniquely designed night clubs, Luxembourg simply has it all.

Places to see and visit in Luxembourg:

  • The Luxembourg Castle
  • The Luxembourg City History Museum
  • The new Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art (Mudam)
  • National Museum of Natural History (NMHN)
  • The Gothic Revival Cathedral of Notre Dame
  • Citadel of the Holy Spirit (Citadelle du St.Esprit)

Check out and walk along the Adolphe Bridge or the Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge. Visit Kirchberg area and admire the modern city full of banks and EU buildings. Go to Place Guillaume (known in Luxembourgish as the Knuedler), a venue for a market every Wednesday and Saturday and also the site of an equestrian statue of William II of the Netherlands and Luxembourg, and the city’s Town Hall guarded by two bronze lions.

Luxembourg hosts Schueberfouer – a huge funfair and many sports events like tennis tournaments, swimming competitions and you can watch football matches of the local team.

Luxembourg City has a wide offering of nightlife that suits all tastes, interestingly designed nightclubs, lounge bars, and students can enjoy happy hours in the best clubs in the city.

International atmosphere in Luxembourg

Apart from a large number of tourists the city counts all year long, Luxembourg has a foreigner community of nearly 70%. People from all over Europe and around the world come to live and work in Luxembourg, most of them take jobs working for an international bank or the European Union. Minorities include population coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Romania, Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium and Germany.

In terms of international business, Luxembourg continues to remain an attractive location for foreign direct investments in Europe. Most companies that invest here are involved in the fields of biotechnology, e-commerce and logistics.

Weather Luxembourg

Luxembourg has four seasons, records moderate precipitations throughout a year and moderate to heavy cloud cover is present more than three months in a year. Average high temperatures in December – February are between 3 and 5 C (38 – 40 F). In July and August, the hottest months, high temperatures record 22 – 23 C (73 F).

Universities in Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg is an international research university with a distinctly multilingual and interdisciplinary character. The University was founded in 2003 and counts nearly 7,000 students and over 2,000 employees from around the world. The University’s faculties and interdisciplinary centres focus on research in the areas of Computer Science and ICT Security, Materials Science, European and International Law, Finance and Financial Innovation, Education, Contemporary and Digital History. In addition, the University focuses on cross-disciplinary research in the areas of Data Modelling and Simulation as well as Health and System Biomedicine.  The University of Luxembourg offers 17 Bachelor’s, 46 Master’s Degrees and custom-made training programmes for Ph.D. candidates in 4 doctoral schools. 

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The European Business University of Luxembourg is a non-profit educational institution specialising in Business programs and research. The campus is based at the historical Chateau Wiltz, Luxembourg, however EBU offers study flexibility through online learning. EBU delivers a world-class level of education through highly skilled professors on an innovative online education platform.

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The Faculty of Law, Economics and of the University of Luxembourg offers hands - on degree programmes and doctoral schools. They are set up by academics belonging to the Faculty’s three research entities and developed through privileged partnerships with European institutions, the international financial sector, local innovative industries and universities from around the world.

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