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Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences is a multidisciplinary subject that focuses on studying the interactions between humans and the environment. The main objective is solving real-world problems like pollution, deforestation, waste production, or global warming.

Some of the subfields of Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences are Geology, Climate Studies and Meteorology, Toxicology, Biodiversity and Conservation, Natural Hazard Prediction, etc.

A Bachelor's or Master's degree in Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences is a great study option for people who like working outdoors and are interested in finding solutions to complex environmental problems. A big part of your work will involve analysing human activities and their impact on nature.

Courses will focus on environmental processes, natural resources, and how you can make predictions for the future. Classes also involve a lot of research. You will learn how to find polluting elements and ways to control or eliminate them. You will spend a lot of time doing field work, collecting air, water, and soil samples, which you will then analyse using laboratory equipment.

All your efforts are aimed at finding effective solutions which can stop or at least limit the negative impact of human activities on the environment. It matters because an increasing number of scientists keep telling us that we’ve already gone over the limit. Big companies need to respect international pollution standards and you can have a positive impact on the implementation of these policies.

As a professional environmental scientist, it will also be your job to educate people on why they should avoid using plastic, recycle it whenever possible and become more aware of the importance of a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

If you choose to focus on Earth Sciences, you will study the physical characteristics of our planet and the atmosphere. You will research natural processes and try to understand how the Earth works, track its changes and their causes. The four main subfields of Earth Sciences are Geology, Oceanography, Meteorology, and Astronomy. Through your work and discoveries, you’ll be able to predict natural disasters, meteorological phenomena, and discover new natural resources.

Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences graduates will find jobs working as nature conservation officers, environmental consultants, sustainability consultants, waste management officers, toxicologists, and many others.

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How Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences Subject Ranking Lists Are Created

Interested in which universities offer the best Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences?

Take a look at the university rankings listing the best universities where you can study Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences according to World University Rankings for Geology, Environmental, Earth & Marine Sciences from Times Higher Education, QS World University Rankings by Subject from TopUniversities, Best Global Universities for Environment/Ecology offered by U.S. News, and ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects: Earth Sciences.

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Best Universities for on PhDPortal

Universities Location U.S. News & World Report Ranking (2018)
Berkeley, United States 1
Wageningen, Netherlands 2
Stanford, United States 3
Zürich, Switzerland 4
Cambridge, United States 5
Durham, United States 6
Davis, United States 7
Oxford, United Kingdom 8
Brisbane, Australia 8
Vancouver, Canada 10
London, United Kingdom 11
New Haven, United States 12
Minneapolis, United States 13
Santa Barbara, United States 14
Townsville, Australia 15
Seattle, United States 15
Stockholm, Sweden 17
Copenhagen, Denmark 18
Madison, United States 19
Cambridge, United Kingdom 20
Princeton, United States 21
Uppsala, Sweden 22
Aarhus, Denmark 23
Boulder, United States 24
Exeter, United Kingdom 25
Montpellier, France 26
New York City, United States 27
Gainesville, United States 28
College Park, United States 28
East Lansing, United States 30
Ithaca, United States 31
Lund, Sweden 32
Los Angeles, United States 33
Ann Arbor, United States 34
Canberra, Australia 35
Corvallis, United States 36
Montréal, Canada 37
Tucson, United States 38
Helsinki, Finland 39
Perth, Australia 40
Utrecht, Netherlands 41
Leeds, United Kingdom 42
Sydney, Australia 43
Beijing, China 44
Zürich (Kreis 1), Switzerland 44
Amsterdam, Netherlands 44
Melbourne, Australia 47
Fort Collins, United States 48
Paris, France 49
Göttingen, Germany 49
Tempe Junction, United States 51
Bern, Switzerland 52
San Diego, United States 53
Toronto, Canada 54
Edinburgh, United Kingdom 55
Norwich, United Kingdom 56
Chapel Hill, United States 56
Grenoble, France 58
Irvine, United States 59
Austin, United States 60
Uppsala, Sweden 61
Sheffield, United Kingdom 62
Barcelona, Spain 63
Beijing, China 64
Reading, United Kingdom 65
University Park, United States 66
Lancaster, United Kingdom 67
London, United Kingdom 68
Vienna, Austria 68
Gent, Belgium 70
Oslo, Norway 71
Aberdeen, United Kingdom 72
Singapore, Singapore 73
São Paulo, Brazil 74
Edmonton, Canada 75
Göteborg, Sweden 75
Boston, United States 77
Sydney, Australia 77
Santa Cruz, United States 79
Antwerpen, Belgium 80
Missoula, United States 81
Bristol, United Kingdom 82
Beijing, China 83
Sydney, Australia 84
New Brunswick, United States 85
Umeå, Sweden 85
Athens, United States 85
Urbana, United States 88
Columbus, United States 89
Hobart, Australia 89
Sydney, Australia 91
Fairbanks, United States 92
Adelaide, Australia 93
Barcelona, Spain 94
Freiburg, Germany 94
Raleigh, United States 96
Basel, Switzerland 96
Nanjing, China 98
Plymouth, United Kingdom 99
Amsterdam, Netherlands 100
Chicago, United States 100
Mexico City, Mexico 102
Guelph, Canada 102
Amherst Center, United States 104
Lisbon, Portugal 105
Melbourne, Australia 106
Southampton, United Kingdom 106
Paris, France 108
Delft, Netherlands 109
Bloomington, United States 110
München, Germany 110
Tokyo, Japan 110
Cape Town, South Africa 113
York, United Kingdom 114
Cambridge, United States 115
Lausanne, Switzerland 116
Montréal, Canada 117
Storrs, United States 118
Hangzhou, China 118
Birmingham, United Kingdom 121
Knoxville, United States 122
Copenhagen, Denmark 123
Southport, Australia 124
Stellenbosch, South Africa 125
Lausanne, Switzerland 125
Dunedin, New Zealand 127
Groningen, Netherlands 128
Providence, United States 130
Université Montpellier 3 Paul Valéry Montpellier, France 130
Bergen, Norway 130
Porto, Portugal 133
Riverside, United States 134
Berlin, Germany 135
Girona, Spain 135
College Station, United States 137
Burnaby, Canada 138
Stony Brook, United States 138
Marseille, France 140
Kyoto, Japan 141
Tartu, Estonia 142
Ås, Norway 143
Trondheim, Norway 144
Manchester, United Kingdom 145
Potsdam, Germany 145
Prague, Czech Republic 147
Auckland, New Zealand 147
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) 149
Halifax, Canada 150
Tallahassee, United States 151
Sapporo, Japan 152
Bayreuth, Germany 152
West Lafayette, United States 154
Burlington, United States 154
Bonn, Germany 156
Flagstaff, United States 157
Atlanta, United States 158
Tübingen, Germany 159
Frankfurt am Main, Germany 159
Taipei, Taiwan 161
Nijmegen, Netherlands 161
Brisbane, Australia 163
Blacksburg, United States 164
Tromsø, Norway 165
München, Germany 166
Durham, United States 167
Leuven, Belgium 168
Rennes, France 169
Saskatoon, Canada 169
Honolulu, United States 171
Albany, United States 172
Guangzhou, China 173
Thuwal, Saudi Arabia 174
St Andrews, United Kingdom 174
Ames, United States 176
Baton Rouge, United States 176
Vienna, Austria 176
Lawrence, United States 179
Montréal, Canada 180
Ottawa, Canada 181
Charlottesville, United States 182
Bangor, United Kingdom 183
Kiel, Germany 183
Sydney, Australia 185
Albuquerque, United States 186
Bozeman, United States 187
Campinas, Brazil 187
University of Paris Sud Orsay, France 187
Aveiro, Portugal 190
Baltimore, United States 190
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 192
University Park, United States 193
Tianjin, China 195
University of Calgary Calgary, Canada 196
Karlsruhe, Germany 197
Waterloo, Canada 197
Shanghai, China 199
Pullman, United States 200
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