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Speech Pathology (or Speech-Language Pathology) is the science that investigates speech problems and their treatment. You will learn to assess, treat, and manage communication and swallowing disorders in people of all ages.

During a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Speech Pathology, you can expect to take classes in both the field of Humanities and Natural Science, such as Communication, Neurology, Therapy Principles, Diagnostic Procedures, Fine Arts, Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing, etc.

As a speech pathologist, sometimes referred to as ‘speech doctor’, you will be part of a growing number of communication professionals helping people, children, and adults, that suffer from swallowing or communication disorders caused by illness, emotional or physical traumas, or congenital problems.

To become a successful speech pathologist, you will need to have strong ethics and empathy, good communication skills and be able to learn and use new technologies.

Speech pathologists usually work in hospitals, public or private, but some choose to open their own private practice. Some may also choose to work in educational institutions such as schools and kindergartens, but also in rehabilitation centres and mental health institutions.

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