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Aerospace Engineering is a more complicated way of saying ‘rocket science’ and everyone knows that it takes a lot to become a rocket scientist. Building, developing, and testing aircraft and spacecraft is quite challenging. In fact, you could say it’s rocket science!

Aerospace Engineering is split in 2 sub-fields: Aeronautical Engineering (working with aircraft, jets, helicopters, and sometimes submarines) and Astronautical Engineering (designing rockets and spacecraft used in space exploration).

Getting a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering requires a strong understanding of physics, mathematics, and engineering principles, which are necessary for the research and development students will be conducting after graduation. These exact sciences allow you to better grasp how aircraft and spacecraft can easily move through the air and stay in the air, while improving the results and efficiency of flight tests.

After leaving Engineering school, you can offer advice on function, mechanics and aircraft design. You’ll also have a better understanding of structural design, mechanical integrity, and alternative fuels and environmental challenges that must be considered when developing aircraft and spacecraft.

Since Aerospace Engineering is a subfield of Engineering & Technology, you can find related fields and courses in Robotics, Transportation Engineering, Marine Engineering, Automotive Engineering, and Mechatronics. Students who graduate from Aerospace Engineering programmes go on to find exciting and challenging jobs as maintenance engineers, operation technicians, aircraft developers, or spacecraft developers.

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Universities Location Shanghai Jiao Tong University Ranking (2017)
Atlanta, United States 1
Beijing, China 2
Ann Arbor, United States 3
Delft, Netherlands 4
Pasadena, United States 5
Boulder, United States 6
Austin, United States 7
Haifa, Israel 8
Harbin, China 9
Blacksburg, United States 10
Xi'an, China 11
College Park, United States 12
Changsha, China 13
Cambridge, United States 14
West Lafayette, United States 15
Urbana, United States 16
Beijing, China 17
Toronto, Canada 18
Stanford, United States 19
Daejeon, South Korea 20
College Station, United States 21
Cambridge, United Kingdom 22
University Park, United States 23
Gainesville, United States 24
Glasgow, United Kingdom 25
Roma, Italy 26
Milano, Italy 27
Southampton, United Kingdom 28
Columbus, United States 29
Nanjing, China 30
Beijing, China 31
Bangalore, India 32
Turin, Italy 33
Bristol, United Kingdom 34
Brisbane, Australia 35
Montréal, Canada 36
Tucson, United States 37
Liverpool, United Kingdom 38
Singapore, Singapore 39
Charlottesville, United States 40
Madrid, Spain 41
Durham, United States 42
Ames, United States 43
Cranfield, United Kingdom 44
Tempe Junction, United States 45
Rolla, United States 46
Sydney, Australia 47
Glasgow, United Kingdom 48
Seoul, South Korea 49
Tokyo, Japan 50
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