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“Objection”, shouts the lawyer; “order!” shouts the judge - all done in the name of dispensing justice. The judge and the lawyer in this scene have one thing in common: they’re showing off their law degrees. A Law degree deals with understanding and interpreting the rules (laws), statutes, decrees, and regulations that govern social behaviour. The dignified men and women who practice it daily do so for the sake of maintaining lawfulness and ensuring justice.

Law is one of the oldest and most revered disciplines throughout history, so the expectations are high, but so are the rewards. Whether you decide to become a judge, become a defence attorney or a prosecutor, or focus on working within a specific organisation or company, you will be expected to have a high level of sophistication with the law, a vast vocabulary and excellent communication skills - everything backed by a great memory and strong analytical thinking.

Law is one of those subjects you will find in every aspect of life. There’s no wonder, then, that Law degrees are offered in fields as diverse as:

• European or International Law;
• Criminal, Civil, Public or Private Law;
• Patent & Intellectual Law.

Each one of these legal subdisciplines will give you in-depth knowledge of Constitutional Law, Legal Theory, Legal Systems, and Legal Institutions.

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Suggested PhDs in Law

Ph.D. Commercial Law

The PhD programme in Commercial Law at Hanken School of Economics prepares students for challenging careers in research by providing an individually tailored program for each doctoral student. Hanken attracts doctoral students in many fields of Commercial Law, including Intellectual Property Law, Tax Law, Law of Corporate Governance and Labour Law.

Ph.D. International Affairs

The DPhil (PhD) in International Affairs programme is offered by International Business School and leads to the degree conferred by our British partner, The University of Buckingham. The programme requires an original contribution to the body of knowledge in a particular academic or professional discipline.

Ph.D. Doctor of Juridical Science

The PhD Program in Doctor of Juridical Science from Central European University (CEU) offers a unique opportunity to conduct independent research, complete doctoral-level course work and gain experience with teaching and other academic activities. The Department of Legal Studies welcomes doctoral projects on topics pertaining to our research and teaching areas. 

Ph. D. Doctor of Law

The main goal of the Doctorate Programme, Doctor of Law from Universide Nova de Lisboa is to train researchers, lecturers and professionals in all legal fields.