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Design is the art and process of deciding how an object will look and function. Object design involves a variety of stages, starting with initial sketches and progressing to detailed drawings, while taking into account all the technical, operational, and aesthetic aspects of a product or service.

Design is almost omnipresent in our society, and it finds applications in any number of industries, such as Architecture, Fashion, Engineering, Urban Planning, Computer Science, and so on.

Design has different subdisciplines or branches, like Architectural Design, Product Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Industrial Design, UX/UI Design, and others.

Based on their chosen subdisciplines, Design students can take classes in Materials and Technology, Design History, Sketching, Typography, Image Design, Applied Illustration, Creative Thinking, Materials for Design, Socially Conscious Design, etc.

Modern Design involves the use of advanced tools and techniques, including 3D Modelling, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), graphic tablets, Adobe Creative Cloud, and other specialised gadgets and software.

Although most graduates of Design work in media, advertising or software technology, other popular career options include: exhibition designer, interior designer, landscape architect, multimedia specialist, fashion designer and more.

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