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Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Architecture are closely connected to other disciplines like Arts and Design. Architecture is very important in human history and anthropology, considering we each inhabit the big structures built by our ancestors. Architecture degrees share ties to academic subjects like Construction Engineering, Graphic Design, User Experience Design and Arts.

Architects need to have an eye for beauty, utility and durability. During architecture school, you will learn about architectural styles, the science of designing, design structures, landscape architecture and 3D designs. You will also discover computer software such as Computer-Aided Design (CAD), which helps you to plan, analyse and optimise design work.

Your degree in Architecture will teach you all about design rules, where you should follow them, and where you'll have some room for exploration and creativity. Knowing how to work with texture, colour, contrast, lighting and many other aspects will allow you to become an expert in designing buildings. Of course, you will also have to make sure your vision can also be built according to safety standards and available resources.

Some of the courses Architecture students will gain access to include: Analysis of Contemporary Architecture, City Design and Development, Urban Design Policy, Residential Design, and Green Construction.

After graduating with a degree in Architecture, you will have the opportunity to work as a: licensed architect, CAD technician, interior and spatial designer, and urban designer. Other jobs you can find are: building surveyor, construction manager, landscape architect, or structural engineer.

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Top Ranked Universities in Architecture on PhDPortal

Universities Location QS Rankings (2018) Architecture&Built Environment
Cambridge, United States 1
London, United Kingdom 2
Delft, Netherlands 3
Berkeley, United States 4
Zürich, Switzerland 5
Cambridge, United States 7
Cambridge, United Kingdom 8
Singapore, Singapore 9
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) 10
Beijing, China 11
New York City, United States 12
Los Angeles, United States 13
Milano, Italy 14
Kowloon, Hong Kong (SAR) 15
Sydney, Australia 15
Tokyo, Japan 17
Atlanta, United States 18
Melbourne, Australia 19
Shanghai, China 20
Ithaca, United States 21
Sydney, Australia 22
Stockholm, Sweden 23
Stanford, United States 23
Lausanne, Switzerland 25
Esplugues de Llobregat, Spain 26
Vancouver, Canada 27
Melbourne, Australia 28
Princeton, United States 29
München, Germany 29
Sheffield, United Kingdom 31
Philadelphia, United States 32
Urbana, United States 33
Seoul, South Korea 34
São Paulo, Brazil 35
Reading, United Kingdom 36
Salford, United Kingdom 36
Kyoto, Japan 37
Santiago, Chile 37
Cardiff, United Kingdom 39
Toronto, Canada 39
Austin, United States 41
Berlin, Germany 42
Ann Arbor, United States 43
Leuven, Belgium 44
Newcastle, Australia 45
Turin, Italy 46
Eindhoven, Netherlands 47
Loughborough, United Kingdom 47
Brisbane, Australia 49
Madrid, Spain 50
New Haven, United States 50
Bologna, Italy 101
Bangkok, Thailand 101
Prague, Czech Republic 101
Rio Grande, Brazil 101
Gent, Belgium 101
Harbin, China 101
Sapporo, Japan 101
Chicago, United States 101
Chennai, India 101
Istanbul, Turkey 101
Seoul, South Korea 101
Seoul, South Korea 101
Fukuoka, Japan 101
Ottawa, Canada 101
Ankara, Turkey 101
East Lansing, United States 101
Nanjing, China 101
Tainan, Taiwan 101
Athens, Greece 101
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom 101
Valencia, Spain 101
Houston, United States 101
Nanjing, China 101
Haifa, Israel 101
Perth, Australia 101
Sendai-shi, Japan 101
Dresden, Germany 101
Campinas, Brazil 101
Bogotá, Colombia 101
Venice, Italy 101
Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium 101
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 101
Dublin, Ireland 101
Buenos Aires, Argentina 101
Copenhagen, Denmark 101
Gainesville, United States 101
Glasgow, United Kingdom 101
Minneapolis, United States 101
Montréal, Canada 101
Naples, Italy 101
Nottingham, United Kingdom 101
Sydney, Australia 101
Bogotá, Colombia 101
London, United Kingdom 101
Madison, United States 101
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 101
Vienna, Austria 101
Vilnius, Lithuania 101
Tokyo, Japan 101
Aarhus, Denmark 151
Providence, United States 151
Cairo, Egypt 151
Chongqing, China 151
Seoul, South Korea 151
Montreal West, Canada 151
Dalian, China 151
Darmstadt, Germany 151
Burwood, Australia 151
Shanghai, China 151
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 151
Nagoya, Japan 151
Hsinchu, Taiwan 151
Taipei, Taiwan 151
Raleigh, United States 151
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom 151
Columbus, United States 151
Osaka-shi, Japan 151
Busan, South Korea 151
Belfast, United Kingdom 151
Nijmegen, Netherlands 151
Guangzhou, China 151
Stockholm, Sweden 151
Syracuse, United States 151
New York City, United States 151
Coleraine, United Kingdom 151
Lisbon, Portugal 151
Paris, France 151
Aberdeen, United Kingdom 151
Adelaide, Australia 151
Tucson, United States 151
Santa Barbara, United States 151
Boulder, United States 151
Dundee, United Kingdom 151
Florence, Italy 151
Göteborg, Sweden 151
College Park, United States 151
Amherst Center, United States 151
South Miami, United States 151
Pamplona, Spain 151
Pretoria, South Africa 151
Roma, Italy 151
Seoul, South Korea 151
Glasgow, United Kingdom 151
Tehran, Iran 151
Enschede, Netherlands 151
Charlottesville, United States 151
Wellington, New Zealand 151
Amsterdam, Netherlands 151
Wageningen, Netherlands 151
Aalborg, Denmark 51
Helsinki, Finland 51
Tempe Junction, United States 51
Pittsburgh, United States 51
Göteborg, Sweden 51
Kowloon, Hong Kong (SAR) 51
Bentley, Australia 51
Southport, Australia 51
Seoul, South Korea 51
Karlsruhe, Germany 51
Lund, Sweden 51
Montréal, Canada 51
Melbourne, Australia 51
Mexico City, Mexico 51
New York City, United States 51
Trondheim, Norway 51
Oxford, United Kingdom 51
University Park, United States 51
Brisbane, Australia 51
Aachen, Germany 51
Roma, Italy 51
Shanghai, China 51
Seoul, South Korea 51
College Station, United States 51
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) 51
Edinburgh, United Kingdom 51
Tianjin, China 51
Dortmund, Germany 51
Kampung Baru Subang, Malaysia 51
George Town, Malaysia 51
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 51
Auckland, New Zealand 51
Bath, United Kingdom 51
Cape Town, South Africa 51
Santiago, Chile 51
Lisbon, Portugal 51
Liverpool, United Kingdom 51
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 51
Porto, Portugal 51
Adelaide, Australia 51
Los Angeles, United States 51
Stuttgart, Germany 51
Seattle, United States 51
Waterloo, Canada 51
Blacksburg, United States 51
Seoul, South Korea 51
Hangzhou, China 51