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Doctoral Access Scholarships - Sanctuary

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5000 GBP
United Kingdom
11 Jul 2024
Application deadline


University of Warwick can support you financially if you are admitted to one of its study programmes as an international student.

University of Warwick awards scholarships, bursaries, tuition fee reductions and discounts that help you cover existing tuition and living costs. 


Scholarship type

Merit based

Number of scholarships to award



Full tuition waiver + £5,000

Scholarship coverage

  • tuition fee reduction
  • other


They are located on the outskirts of the city of Coventry which is recognised as a 'City of Sanctuary'. The 'City of Sanctuary' movement is committed to building a culture of hospitality and welcome, especially for those seeking sanctuary from war and persecution.

They provide a range of scholarships to enable refugees to progress to access university education. Since the launch of the scheme we have awarded 30 scholarships to postgraduate students.

Applicable programmes


There are a limited numbers and not all applications will be successful.

Length of funding: 4 years (pro rata for part time)

The full payment of academic fees

Research Training and Support Grant of £5,000 (one-off)

Value covers a maintenance stipend in line with UKRI rates


Eligible students must be of any nationality who hold one of the following statuses as granted by the UK government and/or whom are academics supported by the Council for At-Risk Academics (CARA):

  • Refugee Status;
  • Asylum Seeker;
  • Definite Leave to Remain as a result of an asylum seeker application;
  • Limited Leave to Remain as a result of an asylum seeker application;
  • Humanitarian protection as a result of an asylum seeker application;
  • You were included as a dependent (spouse/child) on an application for asylum. Please note: Spouses/civil partners must have been the spouse/civil partner on the date on which the asylum application was made. Children/step-children must have been aged under 18 on the date on which the asylum application was made.

Scholarship requirements




United Kingdom



Study experience required





Application deadline

11 Jul 2024

Read the PGR Ranking Criteria and Applicant Guidance Notes.

Submit your scholarship application  by 11 July 2024 application deadline. We regret being unable to accept late applications for any reason. All supporting document and evidence must be uploaded by13 July 2024 (11:59 GMT).

Results of the Doctoral Access Scholarships (Sanctuary) will be communicated by email by 1 August 2024.

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