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Our academic output is on a par with that of the world’s most advanced education institutions, and we have exchange programs with many of them. Thus, we can say that Fundação Getulio Vargas’ horizon is the limit of the imagination. We can also say that FGV’s activities have always been focused on strategic areas in Brazilian life, such as public administration, the economy, history and law. 

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Fundação Getulio Vargas was founded on December 20, 1944. Its initial objective was to prepare qualified people to work in public and private administration in Brazil. At the time, the country was already starting to lay the foundations for the growth that would come in the following decades. 


Today, besides administration courses, FGV also offers degrees in law (in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo), economics (Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo), the social sciences (Rio de Janeiro) and applied mathematics (Rio de Janeiro), and it is a leader in teaching and research in these fields.


A leader in the creation and refinement of ideas that contribute to national development, FGV invests in and encourages academic research, resulting in significant output, recognized nationally and internationally. The subjects explored include macroeconomics, microeconomics, finance, law, health, social security, poverty and unemployment, pollution, and sustainable development. The Foundation also runs research programs in the fields of history, the social sciences, education, justice, citizenship and politics.


FGV-EAESP is the only Brazilian school to receive Triple accreditation from all three major international accreditation institutions (and one of only 55 schools worldwide):

  • AMBA

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