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American University of Nigeria seeks to become a great center of learning and research for Nigeria and Africa, and a catalyst for development in the entire world. In the words of its Founder, it sees its role as a "Development University". Thus, the University will honor the traditional university roles of repository and transmitter of culture and knowledge, and center for the creation of new knowledge. As a "Development University", it will focus on the practical role that a great university must play in the development of a great nation.

PhD Programmes

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The American University of Nigeria (AUN) was established in 2003 by Nigeria’s former Vice President His Excellency, Atiku Abubakar along with other local and international statesmen and academic leaders. The institution was conceived as Africa’s first Development University. Its mission is to pioneer service learning and build leaders who will be prepared to tackle societal concerns.


The University offers an American-style education modelled after the curriculum of American universities with corresponding approaches to teaching and students assessment.


AUN's has a vigorous and expanding program of research that explores today's frontiers in science, policy, economics, business, and information technology. Many of our projects are interdisciplinary, with investigators from different departments and schools collaborating on multifaceted investigations. A common term in AUN's research community is "Development-driven Research Collaboration", referring to the way that our faculty team-up (sometimes with counterparts in state agencies or other universities around the world) to develop solutions to some of Africa's most pressing problems and latent opportunities.


Housing services

These living/learning centers provide comfortable living spaces that encourage academic success, respect for one another, personal growth and responsibility, and a commitment to one’s community. Our halls are supervised 24 hours a day with a trained Resident Director staff and a group of trained Student Residence Assistants who all contribute to the overall development of student residences. The staff is responsible for providing a series of hall activities and programs to enhance the overall living experience at AUN.

Library services

The Digital Services (Library) is located in the main Campus in a state- of –the- art building known as Robert A. Pastor Library and E-learning Center. The Digital Services offers facilities for students to conduct research, study, and work in small groups.


All academic programs offered at the American University of Nigeria received initial accreditation from the National Universities Commission (NUC) in 2007 and 2008. The NUC’s appointed teams of peers who reported their findings to the NUC examined all the programs.

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