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Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), which was officially established on 16 February 1984, is the sixth Malaysian public university. It is the only university that was set up to specialise solely in management education from the very beginning of its establishment.

PhD Programmes



Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), which was officially established on 16 February 1984, is the sixth Malaysian public university. It is the only university that was set up to specialise solely in management education from the very beginning of its establishment.


Its academic programmes are especially geared towards providing a broad spectrum of academic knowledge and intellectual skills in the area of management, accounting, economics, information technology, public administration, human resource management, entrepreneurship, finance and banking, law, marketing, management of technology, communication, social work, multimedia, education, decision science, international affairs, business management, tourism, muamalat administration, development management, logistics and transportation, hospitality, risk and insurance management, media technology, agribusiness management science, business mathematics, industrial statistics and counseling.



  • Northern Corridor Research Centre (NCRC)
  • Co-Operative and Entrepreneurship Development Institute(CEDI)
  • Institute of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad's Thoughts (IPDM)
  • ITU-UUM ASP CoE for Rural ICT Development
  • Centre for Testing Measurement & Appraisal (CeTMA)
  • UUM Research Institute for Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore (ITS)
  • Institute of Excellence for Islamicjerusalem Studies (IEIJS)

University Ranking

QS World University Rankings by TopUniversities
591 10
601 100
QS World University Rankings is one of the top international rankings measuring the popularity and performance of universities all over the world.
World University Rankings by Times Higher Education
801 200
World University Rankings is a vital resource that provides the definitive list of the world's best universities.


Student services

The CIAC has been given the mandate to foster, nurture, and maintain international relations for UUM. Based on this mandate, the CIAC maintains a passion for international relations and engages in global outreach in recognition of an increasingly borderless world and a seamless higher education market.

The services offerred:

  • Assisting the Immigration office in preparing students’ passes and also social passes for their family members.
  • Assisting the Immigration office in preparing work permits for international staff.
  • Advising international students on matters of importance to them.
  • Coordinating international visits to UUM.
  • Coordinating international promotions for UUM.

Housing services

As a fully residential university, Universiti Utara Malaysia provides accommodation for almost 20,000 of its students in 15 residential halls. This includes a residential hall for married students. Each residential hall has its own facilities for students. There are common rooms, a cafeteria, laundry facilities, shops, and recreational and sports facilities. Many of these halls are named after multinational companies.

For undergraduate students are guaranteed a place in one of the residential halls. Accommodation for postgraduate students are on a ‘first come, first serve basis’.

Library services

The Sultanah Bahiyah Library is a fully automated library as it has an integrated library system known as LINTAS (Library Information Technology Automated System).

This Library utilises a fully computerised system and hosts a large collection of books that includes audio-visual facilities, journals, as well as an extensive series of publications that is primarily concerned with management.

ICT services

24/7 internet access in every university offices, academic buildings, student's residencial halls, and almost 70% of campus area provided with WIFI connections. Currently the IT facilities are:

  • 48 computer labs
  • Wifi
  • Wired internet
  • UUM MyLab System
  • UUM MyBox System
  • Video Conferencing System
  • UUM Learning Zone System as an official Learning Management System

Medical services

The University Health Centre provides a comprehensive health service that covers medical and dental treatment, counseling, first aid, surgery, and medication for students and staff. All international students are advised to obtain comprehensive health insurance coverage. The Universiy's Health Centre has 6 full time qualified medical doctor, 3 dentist, and more than 30 supports staffs.

Student Life

Campus life

The UUM campus is fully equipped with modern facilities and amenities, including well-equipped and fully air-conditioned halls and classrooms, student lounge and a 24 hours wireless internet facility. The main buildings in the campus are the academic buildings, the library, the administrative buildings, the University Health Centre, the Varsity Mall and the sports complex.

Sports facilities

Sporting and Leaisure Facilities:

  • ONE olympic
  • TWO fitness gyms
  • indoor sports courts
  • outdoor sports court
  • outdoor sports pitch
  • 400 meter athletics track (synthetics)
  • 9 hole golf course, driving range and short game practice area plus a modern golf club house
  • open stadium (equipped with light towers)
  • full-time sports coach at Sport Centre Department
  • sport medical staff (from University's Medical Centre)
  • wall climbing facilities
  • archery field
  • International Go-Cart Circuit (in-campus)
  • sauna facilities (offering separate facilities for men and women)
  • equine centre
  • kayak at the UUM recreational lake
  • aerobic room
  • hydrotheraphy facilities
  • bicycle and tricycle for recreational activity

Student clubs

More than 100 student administered organizations and socities which are monitored under the Student's Affairs Department (HEP) and Student Developemnt Office (PPA). For examples:

  • Agrosis Society
  • Communication Association
  • Computing Club
  • Counseling & Psychological Society
  • Creative Innovative Association
  • Development Management Society
  • Economic Society (ECOSA)
  • Education Association
  • English Language Club
  • Entrepreneurship Corporate Club (ENTRECC)
  • Finance And Banking Society (FABS)
  • Hospitality Management Society
  • Human Resource Management Club (HRMC)
  • Int. Business Management Society
  • International Affairs Society
  • IPRMAS Association
  • Islamic Finance Banking Association (IFBA)
  • Law Society
  • Logistic & Transportation Club (LOGTRAN)

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