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Yamaguchi University

As a core regional general university, Yamaguchi University aims for further advancement and expansion of education and research, while also deepening our cooperation with regional societies and carrying on the spirit of challenge and revolution that is an integral part of the area where the Meiji Restoration was launched. The university also plans to develop as a university with unique and distinctive characteristics in the Asia Pacific Region. Our basic objectives for this purpose are the following.

PhD Programmes



With the elegance of the Ouchi-clan's predilection for the medieval court culture and the history over three-hundred years of the Mori-clan's heritage of virile simplicity and plainness, Yamaguchi stands unique and distinct among the regions of Japan. Producing talents with indefatigable human strength for challenges like Yoshida Sho'in on the eve of Japan's modernization in the mid-19th century.


Yamaguchi University aims to train and develop persons who can be active in many areas of society, such as high-quality instructors and excellent medical staff, and will strengthen international cooperation through research, provide advanced medical care to local communities, offer lifetime learning and develop links between industry and academia, and in other ways carry out activities that are based in connections with local societies and the international community in terms of education, research, medical care, culture, and economics.


Yamaguchi University shall carry out research to advance a comprehensive understanding of humanity, society, the natural world, and other subjects through deepening academic learning in specialized fields and through far-reaching research conducted in cooperation between different fields. It shall also conduct research to resolve problems and create new value.


On the 20th of November, a Career Information Lecture was held at the Yoshida Campus under the catchphrase “Learn about Careers; Learn from Books” where famous author Yohei Tsunemi was invited as guest lecturer. The lecture was targeted at the students of lower year levels to encourage them to consider their career choices. The lecture was attended by over 180 people, mainly first year students.

University Ranking

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Student services

Yamaguchi University is committed to ensuring that its students receive the best information and support possible in their job search and professional development. From providing information on internships and job-hunting to holding courses on Japanese business culture, we provide a comprehensive support network for students and alumni. The Career Support Office is open to inquiries and welcomes you to take advantage of its services.

The tutor and mentoring system assigns a Japanese student to each international student. These tutors are there to provide help and support in studying and research, Japanese language learning, and everyday life outside of university, including helping students get to know the area, complete procedures at city hall, shop for goods, and find a place to live. The program is available for international undergraduates who have been in Japan for less than 2 years and research students or graduate students who have been here for less than 1 year. Mentors are either undergraduate or graduate students.

Housing services

Dorms rooms are available for international students and researchers at the International Houses on both Yamaguchi Yoshida Campus and Ube Tokiwa (Faculty of Engineering) Campus. However, there are a limited number of rooms, and a large number of applicants, so we cannot guarantee housing. Information about application procedures will be displayed on the bulletin boards of your affiliated faculty or graduate school. YU International Share House was newly established for exchange students of the Faculty of Global and Science Studies. We do have several on-campus dormitories for international students in Yoshida campus and Tokiwa campus, but this new dormitory was added to further increase our accommodations capacity for international students. The YU International Share House has 31 flats, each shared by three students, meaning it can accommodate a total of 93 students. All flats come with air-conditioning, the common area in each flat is equipped with home appliances, and each bedroom is furnished with a desk and bed.

Library services

As part of the agreement, starting from August,students and residents alike will be able to borrow a book from one library and return it to any one of the four libraries including the Ube City Library, Yamaguchi University's General Library, Medical Library and Engineering Library.

ICT services

There is a book corner for international students that includes a selection of books for learning Japanese, learning about Japanese culture, and much more. Computers are also available. In addition, you can bring your own computer and connect to the library's network.

Medical services

At Yamaguchi University's Health Service Center, doctors, nurses and counselors provide medical examinations, emergency medical care and routine medical check-ups. They are also available for advice on matters regarding your physical and mental health. Medical advice is also available by letter, phone, and email.

Services are provided free of charge, however, you may be referred to a hospital or specialist, so take your National Health Insurance card when you go for a check-up.

The annual health check takes place every year between April and May. You must go for the annual health check in order to receive a Health Certificate. The Health Certificate is required for scholarships and job applications, so it is very important that you undergo the check-up.

Student Life

Campus life

  • Yoshida Campus – Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
  • Kogushi Campus – Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
  • Tokiwa Campus – Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Student clubs

Yamaguchi University offers Orientation for incoming international students twice a year. It covers topics such as the outlines of Yamaguchi University, procedures at the Immigration Office, trash separation, anti-crime measures, traffic rules, and more. It also aims to enable international students to forge a new friendship with each other through recreational activities, etc.

We host the International Student Gathering on an annual basis to give international students encouragement and promote the cross-cultural understanding. The Gathering consists of two parts. In the first part, a panel discussion is conducted and international students make presentations on their countries/regions and experiences in Japan. The second part features a social with the participation of over 300 people including international students, international researchers, Japanese students, local supporters of international students, faculty and staff at Yamaguchi University including President. Playing of traditional musical instruments, singing and dancing by international students always liven up the Gathering.