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It is of the greatest importance that we do not focus solely on intellectual knowledge or efficiency. We must all give thought to the importance of becoming actively involved where tense situations of life and society actually take place, and fully understand their meaning. In other words, we must become aware of the significance of participating in the real world.

PhD Programmes



Established in 1907, the Rikkyo University Alumni Association serves all undergraduate and graduate program alumni. Its goal is to facilitate mutual friendship among its members and to contribute to the financial development of Rikkyo University. It currently has more than 150,000 members.


Since the time of its founder, Bishop Channing Moore Williams, Rikkyo University has been engaged in a wide range of educational activities following an unwavering philosophy of education based on Christian values. At the heart of this philosophy is a willingness to go out into the world and collaborate with a great many people, to turn one's attention to those who are socially vulnerable or beset by illnesses, handicaps, accidents or disasters, and to make every effort to realize a society where no one hurts another and everyone lives in harmony.


Rikkyo University has an environment that can provide wide-ranging support for research, which is one of our social missions. Through the vitalization of daily research activities in both qualitative and quantitative terms, the university contributes to raising the level of academic research and promotes measures to pass on the results of research both inside and outside the university.


The Career Center provides support for career planning and job searching through group work oriented toward the personal growth of students. It also provides students with information to plan their future employment, and programs in areas such as job searching and career counseling.

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Student services

Student Counseling Centers are located on both the Ikebukuro and Niiza Campuses. Here students receive free consultation for the various problems and concerns associated with student life. Armed with a wealth of knowledge, the staff, professional counselors, and psychiatrists handle all queries on college life, including personal relationships, school life, careers, love, sex, home life, personality, health, and religion while protecting the students' right of privacy.

Housing services

The Office offers consultation about status of residence, applies on behalf of students to obtain permission to engage in activities other than those permitted by their status of residence, provides Organization Guarantee Program services to students moving into housing, offers a tutor system for students writing theses in a language other than their native language, and advises students on everyday life in Japan.

Library services

The Rikkyo University Library advances the University's mission of learning, teaching, and research by collecting, organizing, managing, and providing access to a great variety of information world-wide. The collection contains over 1.7 million volumes of print and non-print materials, including the Anglican Church collection and Edogawa Rampo collection.

Student Life

Campus life

  • Ikebukuro Campus - Tokyo Japan
  • Niiza Campus - Saitama Japan

Sports facilities

Rikkyo University sanctions many student organizations in the form of sports and athletic clubs.

Student clubs

Rikkyo University sanctions many student organizations in the form of sports and athletic clubs, student Christian groups, registry groups for both the Ikebukuro and Niiza Campuses, and cooperative associations for maintaining student health. These organizations are comprised exclusively of Rikkyo University students. Other unsanctioned organizations such as various activity clubs and meeting groups provide further opportunity to foster community among Rikkyo students.