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Juntendo University

With the creation of Juntendo, the founders hoped to create a place where people could come together with the shared goal of helping society through the powers of medical education and practices. Their aspirations led to the establishment of Juntendo Hospital, the first private hospital in Japan.

PhD Programmes



The distinguished history of Juntendo started in 1838 with the founding of a private medical school, the so-called "Wadajuku," by Taizen Sato. During the era Japan was preparing to open extensive foreign contact and was also beginning to have great interest in Western culture. 


 Along the way the focus of the institution has also expanded, now consisting of five undergraduate programs and three graduate programs, the university specializes in the fields of health and sports science, nursing health care and sciences, and international liberal arts, as well as medicine. Today, Juntendo University continues to pursue innovative approaches to international level education and research with the goal of applying the results to society.

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