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WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management

WHU is a private, state-accredited business school based in Düsseldorf and Vallendar. Founded in 1984, WHU is now one of the most renowned German business schools with an exceptional national and international reputation. WHU stands for “Excellence in Management Education“ and pursues this goal in three core areas: Academic Programs, Research, and Executive Education & Corporate Connections.

PhD Programmes



WHU was founded in 1984 at the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Koblenz. After more than 30 years, it not only ranks among the best and most respected centers of business education in Germany, but it also enjoys an excellent reputation internationally.


WHU is committed to excellence in management education. Study programs at WHU combine high quality research results with practical relevance for the business world. Teaching focuses on practice-oriented work whenever possible: thus, case studies and practical projects are used in class to foster the application of theoretical concepts. Moreover, frequent group work encourages student interaction, communication, and teamwork skills. Both an entrepreneurial attitude as well as responsible leadership are strongly encouraged and supported in the curricula and by the WHU community. Students are challenged to reflect on their soft and leadership skills and to work on their personal development. As a result, WHU aims to make a high-quality intellectual contribution to both academia and the business world.


High quality and groundbreaking research in the fields of management, economics, and business administration is one of the key pillars of excellence at WHU. The school places particular emphasis on creating a stimulating environment for independent research in business and economics topics, coupled with attracting and supporting high-profile researchers with the ultimate aim of delivering first-class research outcomes. WHU further pursues its mission by combining academic rigor with tangible, practical relevance in all its research activities.


For us, career service means successful interaction between businesses, WHU, our alumni and our students. By conducting numerous career activities for the students in all programs we offer occupational orientation and an exciting platform for networking with company representatives and alumni. We aim to support students on their way to finding out what they want to do in their professional lives, to help them reach their goals and to facilitate a smooth transition from student life to work life. Additionally we build and foster contacts to companies and our alumni. Many companies have been actively recruiting at WHU for more than 25 years.


Student services

  • Student Office BSc/MSc

Gisela Sosoe

Tel. +49 261 6509-925


  • Marketing & Admission BSc

Wolfgang Staus

Tel. +49 261 6509-513


  • Recruiting Team MSc

Julia Teuber

Tel. +49 261 6509 -520


  • Recruiting Team MBA

Carolin Hilden

Tel. +49 211 44709-144


  • Doctoral Program Team

Claudia Heymann

Claudia.heymann@whu.eduTel. +49 261 6509-190Contact:
  • Admissions Team EMBA
Beate Allarbeate.allar@whu.eduTel. +49-(0)261-6509-186Website:

Housing services

  • Vallendar and the surrounding area offers excellent housing opportunities, ranging from private apartments, to halls of residence, right up to “last-minute beds” and hotel rooms for special events - during weekend seminars, for instance.
  • Besides WHU, the center of Vallendar, boasts a pedestrian zone with a variety of shops, bars and restaurants and is surrounded by several hills. Many of the private apartments are located halfway up one of these hills, either on the “Mallenderer Berg” or “Gumschlag”.
  • WHU offers international students extra support in finding accommodation.

Library services

The WHU library offers an excellent research infrastructure to academics and students of WHU on a 24x7 basis. Guests are welcome to use our library during business hours.

The library holds around 35,000 books and 120 journals, which can be researched via an online catalogue (OPAC). In addition, 68,000 journals and 35,000 books are available in digital form on the WHU intranet.

ICT services

The IT Department is a central service provider at WHU. It offers a wide range of services for all groups and runs all kind of IT devices, such as server farms and network devices. 

Medical services

The WHU First Responder is a student initiative from WHU. The members of First Responder provide a highly qualified first aid in case of an emergency even before the professional emergency service arrives. Every single member has completed a rescue services training to provide knowledge and skill to the community in Vallendar.

Student Life

Campus life

WHU is based on two campuses in Vallendar/Koblenz and Düsseldorf.

Student clubs

Student life at WHU isn't just about studying. In their free time, our students enthusiastically pursue a wide range of extracurricular activities in over 30 student clubs. From sports, the theatre, music, entrepreneurship, debating, or even a casual wine tasting, there truly is something for everyone.


  • EQUIS accredited
  • FIBAA System Accreditation
  • AACSB Accreditation

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