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IT University of Copenhagen

The IT University consists of a board of directors, management with Vice Chancellor Martin Zachariasen, Pro-rector Jens Chr. Godskesen and the University Director Georg Dam Steffensen. There is a number of administrative departments and three departments. 

PhD Programmes



The IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) was established in 1999 and is Denmark’s leading university focusing on IT research and education. We deliver state-of-the-art teaching and research within computer science, business IT and digital design. 


Teaching at the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) is research-based and based on a constructivist theory of learning, which states that learners construct their own learning in the contextual settings based on prior knowledge and experience. With a student-centered approach to learning, ITU organizes teaching and learning with a focus on the individual student's learning process, including extensive use of feedback. 

Teaching and learning activities are co-created in intense collaboration between faculty, students and administrative staff in order to create an excellent and motivating learning environment for our students.


There are a number of different kind of research entities here at ITU. Get a full overview over the current research centers, groups and labs at ITU.


Come by The Study and Career Guidance if you are experiencing doubt about your choice of study, are considering your future career, wishes to clarify your skills or the like. We also offer consultation on individual issues, thesis- and project writing, exam problems, group matters and more. You can contact The Study and Career Guidance if you have questions about which courses to choose or if you are considering applying for exemptions.


Student services

At ITU Alumni we offer continuous knowledge sharing from the moment you have handed in your exam papers, into your first job, start-up, or board-of-directors job, and throughout your working life. Here are some examples of alumni benefits:

  • Invitations to selected ITU events
  • After-hours events
  • News and research reports from ITU’s scientific environment
  • Mentor programmes
  • And much more...

Housing services

The IT University has access to dorm rooms, which we allocate to our international students. We offer accommodation to all inbound exchange students. Further, we may be able to give residence places to some full degree students during their first or/and second semester of studies on a 'first come - first served' basis. We call your attention that enrolment at the IT University is a precondition for renting a dorm room.

Medical services

You will automatically receive Danish Health Insurance when you are staying in Denmark for a period longer than three months, via the National Danish Security Number (CPR). This gives you the right to free medical treatment by doctors and in hospitals. Dental treatment and home transportation is not included.

Student Life

Campus life

ITU’s modern campus in central Copenhagen is designed by the world-renowned Danish architect Henning Larsen. 

Analog is the IT University’s student café where you can have a nice cup of coffee and chat with your fellow students. Analog is also a good place to do group work if you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere. The café is run by student volunteers, so this is another place to get involved and be a part of creating a positive study environment at ITU. You will find Analog next to the Information desk. 

Student clubs

Student Council is the political organisation at the IT University of Copenhagen. It consists of students from every field of study at the university, and is run by students. The Student Council works to promote students’ interests and improve their political, professional, and social conditions at the ITU. Furthermore, they run Student Activity Fund, which supports both professional and social activities improving the study environment.

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