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VID Specialized University was established on 1 January 2016 after the merger between four diaconal university colleges. The purpose was to create a larger, better and more effective institution within the private, non-profit segment of the university- and university college sector in Norway.


VID offers programmes of professional studies within nursing, occupational therapy, social education, family therapy, diakonia and theology, in addition to a number of other programmes at Bachelor, Master and continuing education levels. VID offers two PhD programmes: Diakonia, Values and Professional Practice and Theology and Religion.


Each research group consists of: a research group leader; academic staff in main, adjunct or combined positions; PhD students; master students and bachelor students; as well as technical and administrative personnel, where applicable.

The research groups will normally consist of at least three people, and should normally not exceed 25. The research groups will also be active research environments for the PhD students and for staff in competence development (associate professor, lecturer, professor). The groups will contribute to good research, development of individual projects and increased publication of results in the relevant research fields.


Student services

International office will help both students, employees and partners to find answers to their questions.

If you have questions about mobility, about Mobility Online, about what kind of scholarship you can get for studies abroad and other practical things, please contact International Office.

If you have questions regarding prior approval of your foreign studies, the content of practical studies abroad, about supervision or other professional questions, contact the international coordinator of your study program / faculty.

Housing services


In Bergen we have two distinguished offers.

Bergen Deaconess Foundation Group owns a building with the address Ulriksdal 8 C. 

There they have 60 rentals. Student Welfare Organisation, Sammen Housing offers around 4400 accommodation units.


Diakonhjemmet offers on campus accommodation in self-catered apartments and student dorms. Students at VID Specialized University have priority on student dorms close to campus in Oslo.

Sandnes and Stavanger

1st year students at SiS adherence schools are prioritized when housing is assigned from August 1. Assignement is done by lottery and the submission deadline is June 1.

Library services

The VID library primarily provides services to the students and faculty of our university college. Students from other institutions may also use our library, provided they present a valid student ID card. External patrons in Bergen, Sandnes and Stavanger may borrow materials from parts of our collections.

ICT services

E-learning includes a variety of forms of learning where the learner uses ICT to receive learning materials and tasks, work on and discuss these and deliver their answers.

We offer you as a student at VID Specialized University a selection of IT tools and services.

As a student you can log on to our wireless network on all our campuses in Bergen, Oslo, Sandnes and Stavanger.

Medical services

Good health is important to have a nice and productive student life. And at VID Specialized University we are extra concerned about health, just have a look at our study portfolio. Students at our campuses should have good health care, and we have made deals with local institutions at each place.

Student Life

Campus life

VID Bergen

In Bergen VID has got two campuses: Betanien at Vestlundveien 19, Fyllingsdalen and Haraldsplass at Ulriksdal 10, Bergen.

VID Oslo

In Oslo VID has got one campus located at Diakonveien 14–18. Only minutes away from Majorstuen.

VID Sandnes

In Sandnes VID has got one campus located at Vågsgaten 40. Right by the train station.

VID Stavanger

In Stavanger VID has got one campus located at Misjonsmarka 12.

Sports facilities

Physical activities is important for a good health. At VID Specialized University we want to give you as a student easy access to keep yourself in shape. Our offers varies depending on what campus you study at.

Our students in Bergen have the possibility to become a member at Student Welfare Organisation, Sammen sports. They offer lessons, swimming pool, PT, climbing, gym and more.

VID Specialized University has an agreement with the University Sports (SIO). Students of ours have access to the University Sports' facilities and can work out at all five of SiO Athleticas' centres: Blindern, Domus, BI, Centrum and Vulkan.

Student clubs

Students organize several interest groups, such as the student run social hub, Sosialen, in a dedicated room, functioning as lounge/cafeteria.


NOKUT (Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education) is the controlling authority for educational activity at all Norwegian universities, special field universities, university colleges and institutions with single accredited higher education programmes.

Other programmes from this organisation


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