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Study PhD's in Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands

Rotterdam at a glance

The city of Rotterdam in the South-Holland region of the Netherlands is the largest city port in Europe and 10th largest in the world, nicknamed “the Gateway to the World”. Rotterdam is home to one of the top universities in Europe, and draws international students from all over the world to this multicultural educational hub. Rotterdam is located close to the Dutch city of Hague. Rotterdam is also famous for its innovative architecture combining a fascinating modern skyline with old historical architecture, that remained after the city was bombed during World War II. The Erasmus Bridge is representative of the Dutch spirit of innovation.


Studying in Rotterdam

Students interested in studying in Rotterdam can choose from a variety of Bachelors, Masters or PhD degrees, as well as professional courses offered by institutions of higher learning in the city. You can concentrate on any of the rich academic area offer, including study programmes in health sciences, business administration, governance, philosophy, social sciences, economics, law and cultural studies. Being a destination in the Netherlands, Rotterdam also provides top academic courses in engineering and architecture, a subject the Dutch are well-known for worldwide.

In addition to regular academic studies, international students can find a wide range of short courses, diplomas, certificates and distance learning programmes that will help them develop the necessary skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen career. Research facilities in universities of Rotterdam ensure you will have the right equipment and specialised staff to ensure postgraduate study success.

Get top business education while studying competitive MBAs with classes taking place inside corporate headquarters and company offices.

Benefit from the numerous student facilities, expanding university campuses and rich housing options the city of Rotterdam has to offer.


Career opportunities in Rotterdam

Economic life revolves around the Rotterdam port activity – the largest in Europe, but the city is also home to many multinationals, such as Unilever, Eneco, Robeco, Pfizer, Shell Downstream. The Dutch headquarters of Allianz and Petrobras are also located in the city. Universities facilitate contact between students and potential employers through advantageous internship programmes.

The main industries of Rotterdam include logistics, commerce, chemicals, tourism, or manufacturing. The city maintains good international relationships with all corners of the world, some examples including UK, the United States, Germany, China, Russia, Turkey, Morocco, The Netherlands Antilles or Cape Verde.


Rotterdam city life

Rotterdam is a busy and effervescent, continually evolving urban centre, that can be best described as a multifaceted city. Skyscrapers are just as characteristic of the landscape as the buildings in the old quarters are. Each district has its own distinct character and visitors are easily fascinated by the diversity within. Feast your eyes on the impressive 802-meter Erasmus Bridge, or the huge and busy Port of Rotterdam. You have the chance to visit the oldest fish market in the Netherlands, with diverse seafood and fusion cuisine.

There are many places to visit, such as museums or the zoo, numerous restaurants to dine in and all sorts of festivals to attend. Rotterdam is a vibrant place and there are a lot of places that students can enjoy and have fun in.

Rotterdam features museums devoted to architecture, photography, modern art and much more, such as Kunsthal Museum, the Henk Chabot Museum, the Maritime Museum, or the Netherlands architecture institute. Take in the impressive skyline of Rotterdam from the highest tower in the Netherlands – Euromast. Admire the the cubic houses of Rotterdam, another wonder of Dutch architecture.

Just like most Dutch cities, Rotterdam is a bike-friendly city, offering you an easy inexpensive way of traveling between the university campus and any place in the city.

International atmosphere in Rotterdam

The second largest urban area after Amsterdam, Rotterdam is a cosmopolitan city, where foreigners make up almost half of the population. It is multi ethnically diverse, integrating various communities, with Muslims of Moroccan and Turkish origin constituting a significant minority but smaller groups, such as Chinese also being present. Descendants of immigrants from the Dutch Antilles and Suriname contribute to the cultural mosaic of the city. Just like most cities in the Netherlands, English is widely spoken in Rotterdam, so you will easily blend in and communicate with the locals and the other incoming internationals.

Weather Rotterdam

Due to its position on the coastline, Rotterdam is a relatively windy place. However, the weather there is somewhat milder than inland. Average highs during the summer reach 22°C (71°F), while average lows approach the temperature of 1°C (34°F) during winter.

Universities in Rotterdam

Learn about business and more, with an education that delves deep into the most relevant environmental, societal and governance issues. RSM gives you the opportunity to go to places other MBA programmes don’t go, from the innermost drivers of your own behaviour to the broadest possible perspectives on business and its place in society.

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Erasmus University Rotterdam is a highly ranked, international research university, based in the dynamic and diverse city of Rotterdam.

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Looking at cities from different perspectives, we educate urban professionals with diverse backgrounds, consult national and local governments from the Global South and engage in cutting-edge urban research. Bringing practical experience from real-life projects back to the classroom, we inspire collaboration and co-creation of urban knowledge.

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Maritime & Logistics University of applied sciences (MLU-OAS) is a specialised educational institute. MLU-OAS is formerly known as Netherlands Maritime University.

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