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Media Studies is a broad field of studies that deals with the history, content and impact of various collective communication methods and tools. It includes both the analysis of images, sound and text, but also the technical side of effectively delivering media to audiences.

Mass Media is a subset of Media Studies. Mass Media refers to the applied study of different practices and technology used to facilitate the communication of information to large audiences. Mass Media refers to content that is meant to reach large audiences using modern technological means. As such, Mass Media includes platforms like newspapers radio, television, and the internet, communicating information from political, social, cultural or entertainment settings.

Media Studies also use concepts and techniques from other disciplines such as Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Politics, Economics, or Philosophy.

Theoretical studies in Mass Media emphasise topics such as the history of mass media and its social impact, with an in-depth understanding of communication theory and an analytical approach to the development of new media. Media Studies focus on teaching practical and specialised skills such as efficient writing, editing techniques and the process of production in specific areas of the media.

Career prospects for graduates in Media Studies and Mass Media include roles such as journalist, media planner, broadcast producer, market researcher, social media manager, public relations consultant, copywriter, and others.

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