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Public Relations, or PR, is the branch of Communication Studies that deals with delivering information from an organisation or public figure to a specific audience. PR studies teach how to promote the goods, services or image of their clients, which include public figures, business and industrial enterprises, governmental bodies or non-profit organisations.

Public Relations specialists work with mass media professionals by writing and distributing press releases or by organising and managing press conferences to generate publicity. PR professionals can also maintain direct contact with the public through social media platforms and blogs. Learn how to build and develop a personal brand or a company’s brand.

Examples of topics covered by Public Relations studies include media relations, corporate communication, PR management, or marketing.

Public Relations students acquire versatile knowledge in diplomatic communication and public speaking, negotiation, writing and organisational skills and learn to build PR and communication campaigns. Students will also discuss various ethical issues on real-case examples and investigate various crisis management strategies.

Career prospects for Public Relations graduates include press secretaries, publicists, campaign managers, event organisers, media planners, to name a few. They can be employed by corporations, governmental agencies, PR consultancy firms, healthcare organisations, charities, public figures; or may work as free-lancers.

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